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Apr 13, 2011 08:12 AM

Pizzeria Bianco

Anyone try PB for lunch yesterday? Trying to get an idea of wait times both at a table and at the bar. Thanks

Pizzeria Bianco
623 E Adams St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

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  1. Have a friend who went yesterday... He said it was busy but you could sit down and eat right away...

    1. I will answer my own question--went at 11:30 and was able to sit down right away at the bar.

      1. We went today at 11:15 and had our choice of tables. By 11:45, names were being taken by the host. As we left at 12:15, there were about a dozen people waiting outside, although two or three tables were free inside. My guess is that those waiting were parties of four, and the available tables were two-tops.

        Who knows how long this will last. Maybe lunch service will spread out the demand throughout the day, eliminating the most arduous waits. On the other hand, maybe lunch service will draw new customers, leading to waits that begin at 9:00 AM instead of 3:00 PM. For now at least, you can enjoy lunch at PB with little or no wait.

        By the way, when we were there today we saw both Chris Bianco and Claudio Urciuoli at work. We had a an all-star cast in the kitchen, and it showed in the quality of the food.

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        1. re: exit2lef

          Is Chris back working full-time, or even regularly?

          1. re: exit2lef

            nice going to try to sneak in there at lunchtime today - what are the two best items to try, never been there before

            1. re: Dapuma

              Bianco Verde and the Rosa are my two favorites! Had them both last night, mmmmmm

              1. re: skirk

                I'll second the Rosa and my other favorite is the often mentioned Wiseguy.

                1. re: Da Beebz

                  the lunch wait around 11:30-11:45 was about 20 min or so - not bad

                  ended up getting the wiseguy and the margahrita pizzas, both were good

                  also got the Spiedini - which was fontina wrapped procutio with arugula and a olive oily w/ maybe a splash of vinagerette - that was pretty awesome

                  i dont think 4 hour wait good but still worth going - it is a nice lunch option downtown

                  will have to try the rosa and bianco verde next time

                  1. re: Dapuma

                    We arrived there today at 11:10 and there was still a 4 top and 3 seats at the bar left (they went quickly). The valet parking was a nice touch as well - this allowed us to get there and get in the door before the wait began.

                    I was looking forward to the antipasto plate, but as Exit2lef mentioned below, it's not available until 5. The market salad of the day was satisfying though: arugula, Maytag blue, nuts & fresh strawberries. I was very pleased to find the pizza as good as I remember (it has been probably 2 years since we've been). We had the biancoverde (my fav) & sonny boy - the leftovers of which will make for an excellent breakfast tomorrow morning.

          2. Is the menu identical to dinner?

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            1. re: scaheld

              Yes, with one exception: The antipasto is not available until 5 PM. Otherwise, it's identical.

              1. re: exit2lef

                Does it still get really backed up around 5? Or have the lunch hours thinned out the dinner crowd? Going to be in town in a few weeks and don't think we'll get a party of 6, so we won't have a reservation. Thinking of going mid week.