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Apr 13, 2011 07:08 AM

good crawfish in south fl??

new to the board, and i will be spending more time in south fl due to my family moving to pembroke pines. i'm just curious if there is any worthwhile crawfish to be had here or should i just wait til i make a trip back to TX, where i became of fan of mudbugs? Thanks

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  1. The only place I know of that flies them in fresh, during season, on a regular basis, is Rosey Baby in Lauderhill (west of Fort Laud). If you go to their website and get on their email list, you'll get regular updates whenever they get a new shipment, with prices, deals etc. Search this board too for more on them.
    Tobacco Road, a bar/club in Miami, I believe has a weekend festival every year (probably around now).
    Captain Mike's Seafood in Davie used to fly in sacks every Friday in season, and you could buy and cook yourself. Not sure if they are still doing, but they were very reasonable. Might be worth checking out.
    Fort Lauderdale city used to have a Crawfish Festival every May but budget cuts killed it. Too bad as this was great, I was a volunteer on the exec committee for years.

    Tobacco Road
    626 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33130

    Rosey Baby
    4587 N University Dr, Lauderhill, FL 33351

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    1. re: CFByrne

      thanks!! i won't be going back til mid june. it's one of the things i used to miss in houston, crawfish joints are everywhere!! how about catfish deweys?? i see they serve crawfish as well. although i read that it smells pretty nasty there. although it seems that rosey baby will be where i end up going. i just hope they are plenty spicy!!

      1. re: javy2004

        I second Rosey Baby! They definitely make their crawfish steaming and spicy. It's a dive restaurant but the food is pretty authentic although don't even bother with the muffaletta. Their fried catfish is also delicious. The owner even ordered us a 35 lb. sack of live crawfish for us to boil ourselves and the price was cheaper than Louisiana Crawfish Company which will also ship live crawfish to you.

        You should also try out Shuck N Dive in East Ft. Lauderdale. They have Purple Haze on draft which draws me in every time. Make sure to call ahead to see if they have crawfish in stock. Their shrimp n' grits is yummy and their fried green tomatoes are to die for!

        Rosey Baby
        4587 N University Dr, Lauderhill, FL 33351

        Shuck N Dive
        650 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

        1. re: Erincc77

          that sounds like my kinda place. the crawfish restaurant i enjoyed most in houston was converted from a hartz chicken and man!! you can smell the seasoning while you were parking. brought tears to my eyes (of joy and extreme spiciness). i'll check shuck n dive as well... sounds prettty good and shrimp n grits sounds like a pretty interesting dish. i may have to try it

      2. re: CFByrne

        The Tobacco Road crawfish festival is this Sunday.

        Tobacco Road
        626 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33130

        1. re: Fineas

          Thank you for the 'heads up' on the Tobacco Road Crawfish Festival.. Went today and got my fill. I hadn't realized it was a joint venture with Rosey Baby so they really knew how to cook 'em. BBQ oysters with manchego and chorizo too. They had several food trucks there also and picked up some gingered brussels sprouts to go. Great event, will watch for it next year. Thanks again.

          Tobacco Road
          626 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33130

          Rosey Baby
          4587 N University Dr, Lauderhill, FL 33351

      3. Some folks in Delray are having a boil Saturday evening. They're also selling 30lb bags (ONLY) starting tonight. If anyone's interested, reply and I'll post details.

        It's just some private people who love crawfish and do this once or twice every spring season.

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        1. re: CFByrne

          I would definitely be interested! Im in Lantana so right by them!
          If you could post the info it would be great!!!

          1. re: Thebetterbuttercup

            Well, buttercup, the bad news is that you are responding to my post from 4 years ago. The good news is that the same folks are still doing the same thing - and within the next few weeks!

            They are taking orders now for Fri/Sat Apr 24/25. See attached image.

            They are a couple of old hippies who love everything Nawlins related and enjoy having the crawfish boils every spring. You can join them Saturday evening - BYO and hang out - or place an order for pickup.

            The location is literally right behind the infamous Frog dive bar on N Federal Hwy in Delray.

            If you need more deets, hit me up on Twitter or IG.


            PS: Tobacco Road is also doing their annual thing this Sunday, at a new location down in the 305.

            1. re: CFByrne

              Palm Beach County crawfish lovers: Those folks in Delray I wrote about ^^^ above are doing it again today and tomorrow.
              30 Pound bags of live for $4/pound, avail Fri/Sat.

              Then fresh, boiled #5 ($35) or #10 ($65) portions to stay or go tomorrow night.

        2. Bourbon on 2nd (formerly known as Creolina's) has some pretty great cajun crawfish dishes. The service sucks but the food is worth the wait.

          209 SW 2nd St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

          1. Some folks will be celebrating the Big Game Sunday with New-Orleans themed parties and food.

            Just in time, Captain Clay's Seafood in Delray is bringing in a shipment of live crawfish. (They may already be sold out in advance, call to check).

            I believe I also saw an email from Rosey Baby to the same effect, but I'm not certain.

            Reports from Louisiana indicate the early season, starting now, is looking very good due to mild fall and winter.

            Get yer mudbugs!