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Apr 13, 2011 06:43 AM

Cooking with your significant other.

How many of you CH share the same passion and knowledge of food with your partners? Do you cook, shop and clean with them on an equal basis?

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  1. We look at the menu together when we order in.

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      1. re: beevod

        we do the same thing, eating in or out! we pick 2 entrees that we both really want to try, and then a few appetizers to share.

      2. My wife is a good cook (and a great baker) but I'm definately more adverterous when it comes to cooking. Generally, we split cooking duties during the week, but we certainly enjoy cooking together and sit down and plan our menus for the week (nothing elaborate).

        1. I've been blessed with a BF that loves to cook and does it well. He has also taught me to appreciate good food and to be mindful of what I cook and what I put into my body. While my friends and family find it odd, I love that he buys me knives as gifts.

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            I love that my boyfriend gets me kitchen items like that, too, and vice versa. My friends thought it was weird when I got him a new kitchen scale one year, but it's what he wanted and he still talks about it on a weekly basis (it was multiple times a day for the first several months, lol). What can I say? Food specifics are important to us.

          2. We share a deep interest in food and eating, but he can't cook at all and has very little interest in learning. The same could be said about my cleaning skills (and he's a neat freak) so cleanup is his department.

            1. Mr. gator has absolutely no interest in cooking or food at all for that matter. All shopping, food prep and decision making as far as what and where we'll eat is all me. All he specifies is what time he'll be home for dinner and if he is full from a late lunch or not.
              I don't have any real complaints, it's nice to have so much freedom. But it would be nice to hear something about a meal I made besides "this is good".

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              1. re: alliegator

                I've been in two adult relationships the past 30 years with woman that eat for substance. I’m thinking it’s a pattern that I attract these types of people. It’s good, is about all I hear too. My grown children are like me and are passionate about food so cooking for them is a lot of fun.

                1. re: Woodfireguy

                  That's great that your love of food is something you can share with your kids!
                  One thing I really like about being a decent cook is that the mr. is good at his job, a great athlete (on a rec. level), etc...
                  But cooking is all mine. Kinda brings some good balance to the relationship :)-