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When do we find the best Lobster Cantonese ?

For years I have been going to Ming Do on Lagaucheriere/Clark for Lobster Cantonese which was excellent. This week I was down in Chinatown buying Snow Pea Pod Leaves and Mini Bok Choi and to my great sadness found Ming Do closed with no sign claiming "closed for Renovations" Now I must find a new haunt ...anything to suggest?

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  1. I've had it at many places, Beijing's preparation is my favorite.

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          Never Tried Keung Kee going to head out soon.I will report back. Thanks

      1. Beijing is my face too and I always ask for a little extra sauce-mmmmm, sauce and rice

        1. You're saying Ming Do appears to be closed permanently? That place was pretty good, and it's a big space to fill.

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              I promised never to go to the washroom at Ming Do because I loved there Cantonese Lobster too much.Ratty it was but they could cook one thing well and that was Lobster (Cantonese and Ginger )

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                Ratty might be an understatement - hehe. Their lobster was also very cheap. Don't know of anyplace that'll serve two Lobsters for about $20.
                A few years back, a group of 4 started complaining that their lobster plate was just shell, not meat, and they weren't going to pay (actually it was one man in the group, the other guy and 2 women had their heads low). It turned into a shouting match between the guy and a waiter then escalated from there. It stopped just short of blows and police involvement.
                The whole while I'm thinking "over cheap lobster?" - hilarious.

          1. Tong Por has it. Actually, a chinese friend of mine told me that pretty much any place has it, even though it's not on the menu. You just ask the waiter.

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              I have eaten Cantonese Lobster all over Chinatown but most Restaurants do a poor job.The key is in the sauce most make it too watery and with not enough pork.That is what put Ming Do in a class by themselves it was the sauce.I will try Tong Por too see.Thanks

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                have you had lobster cantonese at yangtze?

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                  So Yangtze makes Lobster Cantonese? I'm guessing they make Shrimp with Lobster sauce(which is same thing except for the shrimps?)

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                    they make lobster cantonese and as far as i know, they always have
                    i probably had my first lobster there

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                      Should I chance it now, trying Lobster Cantonese at Yangtze?

                      1. re: BLM

                        at your own risk of course
                        my family still gets it occasionally
                        its been maybe 5 yrs since i've last had it

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                          Their Lobster Cantonese sauce is not too sweet? That's my worry(since Yangtze's focus is on Canadian Chinese dishes & their clientele like things sweet).

            2. Does Keung Kee have cantonese lobster? They have my favorite ginger lobster in the city and I think they have the freshest seafood on any chinese restaurant

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                Its recommended by C70 and seconded by vanierstudent above, so I'd put money on it.

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                  I am on my way Friday to Keung Kee will report....

              2. Is it in season yet? I was in Chinatown last week, didn't see anything and it's usually advertised in the windows. Besides, I think east coast lobster season hits full swing in mid-May, right?

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                  mid to late may, right.
                  Live snow crab is starting to show up these days.

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                    When it's lobster season, what kind of deals can you get for Lobster Cantonese at Chinese restaurants?

                    1. re: BLM

                      the usual deals in chinatown is 2 lobsters (~1lb) for 21.99

                2. Just came back from Keung Kee where Lobster Cantonese is 19.95, Lobster ginger is 17.95 and had the best meal in a long time: we ate a bowl of special wonton soup which was more shrimp and dumplings and pork and eggies than the delicious broth Sizzling Thai Chicken and the Shrimp in Garlic and steamed rice.

                  Good thing we were on the early side because it filled pretty fast and since they don't have small tables .... next I went next door to the bakery for pastry to take home. Also very tasty but -not- out- of -my -way- to- go- back tasty.

                  So those who mentioned Keung Kee get a big thanks from the old/young man sitting next to me right now :)) he loved every single bite
                  First time at Keung Kee but next Ginger Lobster will be on the order. BTW they don't take debit and make sure you know your PIN no. for your credit card....seems the new cc cards need a PIN to be used...

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                    Having ginger lobster at Keung Kee, means it's mostly steamed to make it?

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                      I did not ask but I think Ginger Lobster is stir-fried.

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                        pretty sure its steamed at keung kee

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                          Last time I had Ginger lobster at Keung Kee it was steamed. I had wanted it stir-fried. Can I have it stir fried for Ginger lobster at Keung Kee?

                          1. re: BLM

                            If I were the chef I would say absolutely. I think though, that you need to ask. :)) Lobster in my opinion is delicious ever which way but raw