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Apr 13, 2011 03:36 AM

Eating near Tavel? Where to go?

I am taking a group of 8 American women to the Pont du Gard, and would like to find a decent bistro, etc. Don't want to go to Uzes since it is out of the way. Tavel is on our way to our next stop (Vaison) and am wondering if anyone has had any decent food there. The reviews of the Auberge de Tavel are very inconsistent, as are those of La Genestiere. Le Vieux Castillon is too expensive for that day.

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  1. In the pretty of Collias very near Pont du Gard, good eats at Le Castellas.
    And if you run into Boz Scaggs, please tell him Parigi hearts him big time (swooning as I write).

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        I went to Collias on Sunday to check it out for the group. I didn't go to Le Castellas because it is "gastronomic" and I was looking for something a little simpler (we have a dinner that evening.) I ate at the restaurant of the (out of the way) Le Gardon Hotel --think it is called L'Oliveraie. 24 euros menu, very good.

        After lunch I wandered into town and met the town doctor, who loves the US. He told me that the best place to eat at the moment is L'Alpha B (35, grand'rue , close to Le Castellas.) I stopped by the Alpha B, met the owners who invited me for a glass of rose, and a dessert; we discussed roses and French and American politics. They have 2 menus, 28 and 35 euros, everything looks great. Setting is in a vaulted room, with also a small terrace. May take the group there.

        The place with by far the best view is the L'Enclos, right on the Gardon River, set amidst the cliffs and rock formations. Food is pizza, salads, etc. You can walk in the area, lounge on the river bank, etc.

        The medieval town of Collias is small but very charming, and I will definitely go back to try another restaurant or two. Thanks for the suggestion and follow-up.

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          Wonderful report. You are a great sleuth. Merci.