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Apr 13, 2011 01:03 AM

Cincinnati Area - new in the last year

I am originally from Cincinnati, but currently live in the Middle East and haven't been home for a year. So while there is definitely a list of food I'm dying to eat that I just can't get overseas - I was wondering if there have been any new/interesting places that have opened in Cincinnati in the past year that would be worth trying.

Essentially any type of food (other than Middle Eastern or Japanese) sounds very exciting and price isn't a concern.

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  1. Not exactly sure on the opening dates, but...

    Jean Robert's Table is pretty new. Being from Cincinnati, you are no doubt familiar with him and the quality that he brings. Nice lunch menu... obviously dinner too.

    Senate has a great following. I have only been once, but enjoyed the trip. Good beer, yummy poutine... lots of hot dogs, which aren't my thing, but kinda fun. I had a lobster BLT that was good, but not great. I am such a tomato fanatic that getting a BLT in the winter was crazy on my part... again, it was good.

    Good luck and welcome home!

    1. Unfortunately there have been a ton more closings than openings in the area (so long Senor Roy's Taco Patrol. We hardly knew ye). Speaking as a northern Hamilton County resident I can recommend Sammy's in Blue Ash. I think they have better burgers and fries than either Zip's or Terry's Turf Club and the 32oz draught beers are a big plus. The Firehouse Grill opened at the old Watson Brothers/Apsara location but I haven't been there yet. As soon as we get some warm weekend days I'll check out the patio.

      1. This recent thread gives a nice overview:

        Lately, our favorites include Nada, which you probably know about; Local 127, in the former Pigall's on Fourth; Via Vite on Fountain Square; and the Bistro, which used to be Jean-Ro Bistro, on Vine across from the Westin. Terry's Turf Club is worth a visit -- the burgers are very good and the place has an electricity that other recent burger joints (like Flipdaddy's) don't have. For burgers I also like Gordo's in Norwood. There are a couple of veggie/vegan places that have come into their own lately: Green Dog across from Allyn's on Columbia Parkway, and Melt in Northside. Both are very casual and offer meat dishes but the veggie stuff is more interesting.

        Jean-Ro Bistro
        413 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

        Via Vite
        520 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

        Northside Cafe
        1697 N Stephenson Ave, Iron Mountain, MI 49801

        Terry's Turf Club
        4618 Eastern Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45226

        Local 127
        127 W. Fourth Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

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          Oh, I will heartily second Green Dog. But they're not veg / vegan. They have a big all beef hot dog wrapped in bacon and deep fried.