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Apr 12, 2011 11:54 PM

LRSH or the original? and pl help to eliminate my list...

Going to be in Paris next week, have secure dinner booking for both, which one to pick (LRSH or original) if distant is not a problem?

Also have booked for lunch:
Le Cinq
La tour d'Argent

Le Baratin
La Cagouille

Need to do some serious elimination as we'll only be spending a week in Paris, would like to stick with 1 big meal per day. We've been to Paris 4 times, have had dinner at Ledoyen but was seriously jetlagged so the experience was a bit ruined... love the duck at La Tour d'Argent so we go there every time but because we've been to these 2 restaurants, I'm leaning towards eliminating those 2 from the lunch bookings, would that be wise or should we keep all the lunch bookings and eliminate from the dinner list? Have dined in Chez L'ami Jean last time we were in Paris and loved it, good food is our priority, please give me your opinion.

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  1. I'd eliminate the two repeats and replace them with "less eating." you will enjoy the remaining places more.

    And, there is so much more to fine dining in Paris than stuffing your days with too much food from name restaurants. And, who has the time to sit for that many hours with all there is to see and do?

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    1. re: hychka

      yes, I'm trying to eliminate my list to just one big meal a day, from past experience, thats's the way to go, there are too many snack/patisserie etc to be fit in too, always too much good food too little time in Paris!

    2. I would keep Le Cinq, Ledoyen, l'Arège and La Régalade av Jean Moulin. Even then, I would pace them over four days (one a day), for all are a lot of food. And i wouldn't plan for dinner, play it by ear.

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      1. re: souphie

        thanks for your advice, may I ask the reason for your choice of av Jean Moulin over LRSH?