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herb garden, where to buy seeds?

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  • zfwp Apr 12, 2011 09:31 PM
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where do you all like to buy seeds for an herb garden?

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  1. My favorite garden store is Mother Earth Gardens at 38th St and 42nd Avenue S., in Longfellow. They have just about everything you'd need. The co-ops also sell seeds. You might look out for the Seedsavers brand, they're connected to the seedbank in Decorah, IA and have some interesting varieties.

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      Seedsavers brand of seeds is available at the Linden Hills Co-op. they have a great selection of hard to find seeds.

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        I just came back from Linden Hills Coop and noticed they had very little to choose from; I usually go to Southside Farm Store on 38th St, or Bachman's.

    2. I get all of my garden herbs (and other garden things) at the Friends School Plant Sale every Mother's Day weekend. This year it's May 6-8 at the State Fairgrounds.

      They have a great selection of herbs and, because I have a brown thumb, I find my plants go better when others have started the seeds.

      More info at friendsschoolplantsale.com.

      As a matter of full disclosure, I have a relative who goes to Friends School and I volunteer for the school.

      1. thanks for all the tips

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          Maybe shady acres herb farm? It's in Chaska.

        2. Sorry, this is not for seeds. With our short growing season I like to buy plants. My favorite is Dehn's at the Minneapois Farmer's Market. Bonnie Dehn knows everything and anything about herbs. She's amazing.

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            Along those same lines, you can get some very unusual little herb plants at the Hmong market.


          2. I used to have good luck with Seeds of Change. http://www.seedsofchange.com/