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Apr 12, 2011 07:47 PM

Famoso Pizza

I've never been to Famoso and have only heard good things about it. So, we are finally heading to the St. Albert Trail location on Friday night. Are the pizzas made to serve one individual? Would it be weird to order a salad at a place known for their pizzas?

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  1. KayceeK:

    Yes, I would say that the pizza is made to serve one individual. It is not so much that they are small but the thin crust and toppings mean that they are not filling like a Chicago Deep Dish, a Greek bar pizza and the like.

    I would not think it "weird" to order a salad there.

    Although you may mean in lieu of a pizza but my usual take-out order was a couple of pizzas along with one of their walnut, gorgonzola and romaine lettuce salads.

    I have been to the downtown and Riverbend locations but not the one on Calgary Trail. I hope it works out for you.

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    1. re: Bob Mac

      Thanks, Bob. Your comments are always appreciated!

      1. re: KayceeK

        I'm a regular at Famoso, and salads there are great. I usually have the walnut gorgonzola one, my wife gets their take on a caprese, and we split a pizza. That is perfect amount of food for two people.

        And get the Monte Antico sangiovese/merlot/cabe blend. Great grape for $29 a bottle.

    2. I love Famoso.

      It wouldn't be weird to order a salad. I love the napoli one, personally. It has mixed greens, carrots, chickpeas, tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette. I once ordered it as a main with added chicken but they were skimpy on the chicken, so i'd recommend just going with the side (which is substantial for a side dish) and something else.

      If you want the best of both worlds, you can order a soup/salad & lunch pizzetta combo: choose almost any pizza from their regular menu, made into a ~6" pizza, served with your choice of salad or soup (their tomato bisque is great).

      Regular sized pizzas are ~12" with a thin crust so you could eat it solo, depending on your appetite.

      Also, any salad can be made into a pizza for a few extra dollars.

      1. I agree, it depends on your appetite. I've split one pizza between two people. And then had dessert, and it was plenty for me. When I've had one whole one to myself I found it hard to eat anything else in addition to that.

        Also, this pizza tastes better there than as leftovers, unless you have a pizza stone with which to warm it up on.

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        1. re: anonymoose

          Agreed on the eat it there comment. Had it leftover a couple of times, not really satisfying. I don't actually even like it as takeout very much. Needs to be hot and fresh.

        2. If you have a hearty appetite, I'd order a whole pizza for yourself.

          I go to the Terwilligar location, and have had their Sorrento salad twice (greens with artichokes, proscuitto, parmesan cheese, and lots and lots of olives). I split the salad and the pizza with my spouse. But because I'm on a diet, sometimes I think I should skip the pizza and just have the whole salad to myself because I like it so much. But I also like the pizzas and think I would miss out if I didn't have a couple of slices. So if I weren't dieting, my preference really would be to have the whole salad plus half of a pizza.