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Apr 12, 2011 07:04 PM

Where to buy extra-small cans of coke?

A couple of weeks ago my friend found some small cans - maybe 150 ml? - at Bulk Mine on Yonge south of Charles. They were from England. Bulk Mine has since sold out and their next shipment won't arrive for a month or so. Does anyone know where else to buy this cute little size? Thanks in advance.

Bulk Mine
655 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y, CA

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  1. Seen them at Metro...but really pricey!

    1. If you're talking about those cans that are about half the height of normal cans, they have them at the Front Street East Sobey's, both in the soda aisle and beneath the roasted chicken tray. I've bought them a few times to use for mixers (I rarely use a full normal can to mix a couple drinks and then the rest goes flat) but as ekim256 mentions, you pay a lot more by volume so I've pretty much gone back to the normal can sizes.

      1. Pusateri's in Yorkville also had them the last time I was in (about a month ago). $ch-ching!

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          Thanks so much. I'll let my friend know about these other sources right away.

        2. Loblaws carries them, and Longos has the small glass bottles of coke as well.

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            Didn't know about the small glass bottles - thanks for the tip!

          2. I buy these at the Wal-Mart at Dufferin Mall. The six-pack is about the same price as the six-pack of big cans.

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              I saw them at Canadian Tire yesterday (Lakeshore and Leslie)