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Apr 12, 2011 05:29 PM

Portland ME - CSF Delivery?

I would like to get a CSF subscription for my dad's birthday. Can anyone tell me which of the various Maine CSFs have drop off or delivery sites in Portland?

I've started to do some research, but couldn't tell from some of the websites. Figured CHers could probably tell me more quickly and specifically!

Thanks in advance for the help.

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    1. I think she's talking about something like this:

      The cumberland county section here might help:

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      1. re: jackattack

        Sorry - it's a Community Supported Fishery, based on the Community Supported Agriculture model -- you pay in advance for a 'share' in a farm (or a fishery in this case) and then over the course of a season or period of time you get a weekly box of vegetable & fruit (or fish). Great way for the food producer to get an influx of cash ahead of time for operational needs.

        There are a number of CSFs in Maine - actually I think the first ones in the country were started there....

      2. Phew, I thought you were looking for cerebrospinal fluid, like some sort of organ dealer.

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        1. Eat Maine Foods' Maine Food Map can be searched by CSAs and CFAs:

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            Thanks for the link. It only shows one that is in Portland, the Hanna Joe CSF. I'm really surprised that there's only the one that is available to Portland area residents...

            1. re: jdubboston

              It might not be the only one, CSFC/CSAs have to add themselves. Consider it a place to start. Have you checked area farms on That's the state's agritourism site.