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Apr 12, 2011 04:51 PM

Where to buy good ribeye in SF?

I am trying to buy some boneless rib-eye steaks rated USDA Prime.

I don't really care how they age it at the moment.

I hear costco has them, but I have not seen them lately, and I hear that they have an inconsistent supply of them.

Anywhere else?

A lot of butchers in SF have locally sourced, independently farmed, grass-fed, organic, 45 day age, blah blah blah. I don't need all that. I just need a fairly priced standard boneless USDA prime ribeye. I am mainly concerned about having enough marbleization.

If the price is 10.99$/lb or less, I don't mind any rec between Santa Clara County and SF County, on the west side of the bay.


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  1. Even at Costco the USDA prime rib eyes are more than that -- more like $12.99/lb.

    1. The USDA prime steaks I see occasionally are at multiples of $10.99. I am sure that the last time I picked up a blue styrofoam pack at Costco it was more than that by a few bucks.

      1. Costco's prices on prime beef have gone up...but so has just about everything. $12.99/lb is still a very good value when you look at other prices. And you can definitely tell you're eating prime, i.e., better then choice grade.

        1. The last few times I was in the S.F. Costco..they had prime ribeyes....

          1. Robert's Market and Draeger's definitely have prime ribeyes, but I believe they are slightly more than at Costco.

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              Correction! For the past 6 months,Costco is at $14.99 per lbs for the Prime Rib Eye.
              You guys must be referring to Choice Rib Eye.

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                You are replying to a 4 year old thread.