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Where to buy good ribeye in SF?

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I am trying to buy some boneless rib-eye steaks rated USDA Prime.

I don't really care how they age it at the moment.

I hear costco has them, but I have not seen them lately, and I hear that they have an inconsistent supply of them.

Anywhere else?

A lot of butchers in SF have locally sourced, independently farmed, grass-fed, organic, 45 day age, blah blah blah. I don't need all that. I just need a fairly priced standard boneless USDA prime ribeye. I am mainly concerned about having enough marbleization.

If the price is 10.99$/lb or less, I don't mind any rec between Santa Clara County and SF County, on the west side of the bay.


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  1. Even at Costco the USDA prime rib eyes are more than that -- more like $12.99/lb.

    1. The USDA prime steaks I see occasionally are at multiples of $10.99. I am sure that the last time I picked up a blue styrofoam pack at Costco it was more than that by a few bucks.

      1. Costco's prices on prime beef have gone up...but so has just about everything. $12.99/lb is still a very good value when you look at other prices. And you can definitely tell you're eating prime, i.e., better then choice grade.

        1. The last few times I was in the S.F. Costco..they had prime ribeyes....

          1. Robert's Market and Draeger's definitely have prime ribeyes, but I believe they are slightly more than at Costco.

            1. Cotso - choice is $5.99. not USDA yet very tasty.

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                What do you mean exactly that it's not USDA? Not USDA Prime, or not USDA Choice...and if they are not USDA can markets actually use the terms "Choice" or "Prime"?

              2. Downtown SF Costco usually has them, they are in BLUE styrofoam.

                Bryan's on Calif/at Laurel has excellent meat, both prime and choice (not cheap!). I think the bone-in ones have more flavor.

                1. I don't think you can beat Costco on price.