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Apr 12, 2011 04:24 PM

would Takashi be considered child-friendly?

My spouse is away and I am thinking of going to Takashi as it seems totally my kind of place (i.e., organ meats) and not what she's into. But I would have my 4 year old with me. When we go to restaurants with him, we try to go as early as possible. But would this place fit the criterion of child-friendly? He would only probably eat rice with soy (although looking at barbecuing meat would fascinate him). I will go some other time without him if need be but if chowhounds think it would not be a problem for him to accompany me, that's easier for me.


456 Hudson St, New York, NY 10011

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  1. I saw kids there on Sunday about that age.

    1. I'd call the restaurant to ask. It's not a restaurant that screams child friendly, since it's small and there is always a line of people waiting to dine and I'd worry about hungry diners giving your child the stink eye for taking up a seat. I've also never personally seen children, there. All that said, I certainly wouldn't mind.

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        i agree with michelleats, i think id be fine although i'd probably go on the early side

        if you go to my post you can sort of see the inside of the restaurant and it's quite small, but i think you'd probably be fine

      2. if it's early in the evening, i think kids would be fine as its not a quiet place.

        i will make two small notes...the fire pits get very hot. i was there in february and was boiling at times.

        also, double check with the restaurant regarding offal. the night i was there, they were out of sweetbreads and other offal at 730pm. very disappointing.

        i liked my meal and enjoyed the place but i cant felt like a korean bbq place for 3x the price.