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Apr 12, 2011 04:16 PM

Pubbelly - Perceptor's Photo Report

what an fantastic eating weekend my wife and I just had in Miami... visiting from Los Angeles for a 3 day weekend, we packed our eating schedule with Ola, Pubbelly, Sra.Martinez, Casa Tua and Havana Harry's...
I will start sharing my photo report with my experience at Pubbelly first...

to start, i love pork belly... any belly on any animal (fish, pork, cow) is a must order on any menu :-)
when i was researching for miami eateries, i came across Pubbelly and after seeing the menu, i had to reserve a dinner for it....

dinner was awesome... that pork belly with torched butterscotch over kabocha puree has got to be one of the best/unique preparation of a brick of pork belly ive ever had.... i nearly fainted... that mcBelly is damn good as well... how can you go wrong with pork belly sliders... all the other dishes were tops as well...

Here is my photo coverage:

1418 20th St
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 532-7555

- Perceptor

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  1. Ok, I generally try to avoid travelling south of the border (Miami Dade / Broward County line) but in this case I think an exception will have to be made. Thank you Perceptor for torturing me so with your photos!

    1. great photo's. thanks for sharing.

      1. Excellent review. Great job with the the nails!

        1. I went to Pubbelly for the first time last night. I know there is another thread or 2 about the same issue that I am going to comment on but I couldn't find it easily. Anyway, let me start of by saying that the food was fantastic and we thoroughly enjoyed every single bite of all 10 items we ordered. I really cannot stress enough how good the food was.
          The issue that I had and I know others have had is that we seemed to get the one very pushy waiter who wanted us to order his way and allow him to just bring out all of his favorite dishes. As soon as we said that we weren't going to do that, his attitude completely changed and his service from their on out was completely unattentive and borderline rude. Also, when my wife tried to order a $10 Saki flavored cocktail, he immediately tried to sell her the $80 bottle of Saki. Things like this just drive me crazy. We aren't doing you a favor by dining there and we can order whatever and however we want, and just deal with it. Very unprofessional. Though again, the food was fantastic.

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          1. re: danb73

            I must add that I sent an email to the manager about this issue and he responded promptly that he will be addressing the issue I raised immediately. I'm happy with his response.

          2. I can't see the pics, is this working ok for everyone else? :(