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Looking for good Pubs

My husband and I are taking a trip to Seattle this May. We are always on the lookout for good pubs on our vacations. Somewhere where we can stop in for early afternoon drinks. We're beer drinkers, the more options the better. Here's what we're looking for:

1. Nice patio or scenic view (waterfront?)
2. Good beer selection
3. Knowledgable and friendly staff
4. Good food is always a perk or maybe walking distance to good food {Fish and Chips or Burgers?)

We're staying at the Crowne Plaza Downtown but will have a car.

Recommendations are appreciated!

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  1. Maritime Pacific's Jolly Roger Taproom - make their own beer, and I really enjoy the food.

    Elysian's Tangletown location - make their own beer, and spitting distance from Green Lake. Food is hit or miss, but they happen to be across the street from my favorite sushi restaurant in Seattle.

    Naked City Taproom - Lots of different beers, good quality selection, I've eaten a salad here and it was good.

    Sully's Snowgoose Saloon - Lots o' taps, little local place with a patio right on Phinney Ridge

    Brouwer's - 64 taps and an extensive bottle list, including hard to find belgians, knowledgable bartenders (sit at the bar), pretty decent food, but no patio, and it's big and ware-housey.

    The Attic in Madison Park - has a handful (10 maybe?) of taps, decent pub grub, is little, cozy, local, and a block away from Lake Washington, and has a little patio.

    I'm sure I'll think of more. I'm a big beer fan and was unemployed for 9 months in Seattle. I've done extensive research, is what I mean :-)

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      Brouwer's does, in fact, have a small patio. It fills up pretty quick on even semi-nice days though.

      I'll note that one of the best things about Seattle is that even in the lowest dive bar or most random hole in the wall joint, there's usually at least one good micro beer to be had.

    2. Jolly Roger - head there for lunch, which has their sandwich menu. Some of the best pub food in the city. Dinner is a bit more expensive, but is also good. Beer is good, but proprietary and not great. Little patio

      The Dray - Among the top for beer selections and knowledge, little food. Have about 15 beers on tap with a wide range of styles. Predominantly west coast beer. Little patio.

      The noble fir has nearly the same selection as the Dray, but is a bit bigger. Plus here is that it is located in the heart of Ballard, which gets you to a bunch of good food options. A little food but nothing outdoor/scenic.

      Agree about Sullys and Naked City (ton of taps, didn't like the food)

      Brower's is a great place for beer from all over the US/world - pretty good food and you're in Fremont with lots good food options.

      1. I strongly second the suggestions for Brouwer's Cafe in Fremont. Excellent food and a never-ending selection of beers. You can then explore Fremont including the Rocket, the Troll and the huge statue of one of the world's worst dictators transplanted for reasons unknown. (All within walking distance of Brouwer's.)

        1. Can't believe I forgot Coopers! No patio, but great tap selection and they have some of my favorite wings in the city.

          I wish I could think of more places with a view and a patio for you. Ray's bar upstairs has an excellent view, with a patio, and pretty good taps. I like to get the steamed clams and a Maritime Imperial IPA (or several) and sit at the bar and look for seals and watch the boats. It's not really a "Pub" though. It just happens to have a more casual upstairs bar to their fancy-ish downstairs restaurant.

          There's always the Alki Tavern, great view, and you could take the water taxi! Except I haven't been there in years and I don't remember much about their beer selection.

          1. It's kind a drive... about 30 minutes if the traffic cooperates but Diamond Knot Brewery and Alehouse has Beer 30 Happy Hour from 2:30-6:30 and some of the best IPA around. I haven't had the food. They serve tastes so you can try a few, too. They also have brewers nights where they showcase newer brewers.

            It's near the water though not a view place.

            Diamond Knot Brewing Company
            621 Front St, Mukilteo, WA 98275

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              actually Diamond Knot has a second place 2 blocks up the hill on Lincoln that has outdoor seating and a great view of the lighthouse park, sunset. The pizzas are very good, especially the Texas chainsaw and Rancho Cucamonga. They do only the stone grills at the lower Knot though (cook your own meat on a hot stone). Service at the Lincoln one can be pretty hit and miss but it is so small it usually is not too big an issue. New Scuttlebutt opens very soon on the Everett waterfront too.

            2. Since you're staying downtown, I'll recommend a couple of places within walking distance of you- Virginia Inn (1st/Virginia) - more of a restaurant than a bar, but pub atmosphere and good food; Collins Pub (2nd / I think Yesler?); Elysian (brewpub with very good beer, locations in Pioneer Sq and on Cap Hill); and there's a burger place in Belltown that I think would work that I can't remember the name of...Two Bells?

              But really -- you can get good beer almost anywhere in Seattle.

              Collins Pub
              526 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98104

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              1. re: pusherman

                Two Bells will prepare a burger medium-rare - warm red center
                Tavern burger with cheese is a masterpiece.
                Do not take it to go - it needs to be eaten fresh of the grill, so the juices are soaked into the bun just right.

                1. re: mrnelso

                  And, mrnelso, Two Bells' hot sausage sandwich is its other masterpiece.

              2. Tom Douglas has a great new pub - it is not too far from where you are staying and it is also right off the streetcar if you do not want to walk. It is called Brave Horse Tavern. It is open late (Midnight) every night and has a very nice atmosphere.

                The food is excellent. We have been three times so far since they have opened and the staff is wonderful. They have a number of local craft beers and ales on tap. There is no real view or patio, but the interior is great.

                For a good drinking/food place with a view the deck upstairs at Ray's really cannot be beat. It can get mobbed and this being Seattle it can be cold, but if you do not mind the drive it is worth it for the view.

                1. Beveridge Place Pub, west Seattle. No food, plenty of takeout options, dogs, best staff and beer selection.

                  1. Other posters hit most of my favorite places in Ballard, Fremont and Greenwood: The Dray, Brouwer's, Naked City, Noble Fir, Maritime. Food service is more fully featured at Brouwers and Naked City and both kitchens serve above average pub food. Paninis and a few small bites at the Dray. Antipasti at Nobel Fir (cheeses, artichokes, cured meats etc).

                    You should also consider going over to Fremont Brewing Co. for its "urban beer garden." They open up a large garage door on the warehouse during nice weather (when not so nice you enter through the front door) and inside the actual brewery there are a series of small booths and a large communal table made from old Ballard HS bleachers. Great beer, great scene with many biking in for growler fills and folks with kids and dogs. They are close enough to walk to all of the restaurants in downtown Fremont. There are free pretzels to snack on and you can also order in.

                    In Frelard (between Fremont and Ballard) is the underrated Leary Traveler. Good atmosphere, sports on tv, v.nice beer selection, really above average hearty pub menu.

                    If you are interested in checking out more breweries, not long ago I posed on TripAdvisor all of the brewers I could recall in/around central Seattle. Those include Pike (downtown/Pike Place Market), Elysian (Capitol Hill, Greenlake, SoDo), Pyramid (SoDo -- their original location), Hales (Fremont), Fremont Brewing (Fremont), Maritime (Ballard), Naked City (Greenwood), Two Beers (SoDo), Emerald City (SoDo), Big Al's (West Seattle), Schooner Exact (Georgetown/SoDo), Georgetown Brewing (Georgetown), Laughing Buddha (Georgetown), Odin (Southpark), Baron (Southpark).

                    A few itineraries involving a brewery, followed by a gastropub or small plates and maybe more beer: Pike Brewery followed by dinner at Lecosho (downtown); Fremont Brewing Company followed by dinner at Brouwer's (or Revel with more beers at Brouwer's thereafter)(fremont); Hales followed by dinner at The Leary Traveler(Fremont); Maritime Brewery followed by dinner at Walrus and the Carpenter or Staple and Fancy (Ballard).

                    Hope that helps

                    Fremont Brewing Company
                    3409 Woodland Park Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98103

                    1. I neglected to add that I was just reading a Lonely Planet guest post about a beer/pub trip and I thought you migth be interested in reading in.