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Apr 12, 2011 03:55 PM

Help regarding ability to freeze chopped liver, and advice freezing matzo balls?

I have a large number of people coming for Sedar dinner. I want to know if I can freeze the chopped liver without changing the texture or doing it any damage. I did google it and half the posts say you can freeze chopped liver, and half say you will loose the creamy texture and not to freeze it.
Can I freeze matzo balls? If so, how? (in soup, or just the balls) I need to make as many dishes in advance as I can because, apparently, I am the only jew in my family who knows how to cook so it is at my house every year! Oi vey! any help appreciated.

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  1. What I've done is frozen chopped liver and made up for the creaminess lost by adding a little more schmaltz when it thaws, and beating it well. And definitely, definitely, if you're going to freeze your knaidlech, freeze them separately from the broth. For what it's worth if it's only a day or two in advance you can cook your matzo balls and drain them, then cover and refrigerate, and when you boil the broth, add them and let simmer for a few minutes until heated through. And this is a little niblet of heresy: if you're not horrified: a spoonful of mayo can stand in for the schmaltz, if you haven't got any to whip into the thawed gehatkeleber.

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      From what I know, you really can't freeze chopped liver very well as the texture is too fragile. I HAVE frozen matzoh ball soup and it was just fine. YMMV

      mamchef you get an A for just answering. Me? I Googled "fezzes" to see if it was a verb I'd never heard of............outside of Morocco or a Shriners convention. ;o))

      I WISH this site allowed editing of topic titles. I've done the same thing and waited with fear,

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        I thought my mother was the only one who use mayo in lieu of schmaltz. It is heresy conceptually but it works.

      2. I've tried freezing chopped liver and haven't been happy with the texture or the flavor. I make a rustic version with hard boiled egg and lots of onion - neither flavor held up well. The liver and schmaltz flavors held. So frustrating - I'd love to be able to defrost a small container once in a while.

        Matzo ball soup has been no problem to freeze!

        1. I too have tried to freeze chopped liver with less that stellar results. as far as matzoh balls, I make them, frezze them on a cookie sheet and then use a Foodsaver to package them. I've kept them for 6 months and when thawed they taste just about the same as if i'd had them the day they were made. What might be important here is that i prefer "sinkers" rather than "floaters" so I don't know what difference that would make in the freezing process,

          1. I have made pots of chicken soup and many matzoh balls- they are cooling as I type. I have to freeze them and for me it would be quite simple after cooking all morning, to freeze the whole thing together(soup and balls) in one container. I'm reading threads saying to freeze balls separate on baking sheet- too complicated. Can I throw the soup in with the balls and pop in freezer? Just till Thursday????? Help me - I'm exhausted

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              My matzo balls disintegrated the year I froze them in the soup, so I don't do it anymore. I freeze them on cookie sheets and then put them in bags, it is not hard, really.

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                oh all right. i just sat down!
                I'd be so upset if they disintegrated- I made 40!

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                  oh, don't risk them! my guess is that if they are floaters they are more likely to fall apart than if they are heavier. breathe!

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                    Freeze them separately, for sure. Thaw and then put in soup. Too much time in the soup makes them smushy.

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                      thanks! I'm exhausted but they are on parchment covered with another parchment and plastic in the freezer. thanks for encouragement and support! after 25 years of soup, I never did the balls before hand. Never again- 40 matzoh balls cooked and frozen- OMG!!!

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                  My mother just freezes the matzoh balls in plastic bag or container and it seems to work just fine.

                3. I freeze my chopped liver, and when i defrost it i add in some more shmaltz and sauteed onions to make up for any changes in the consistency. The matzoh balls, i must confess, i've never frozen - but i'm sure if you freeze them apart from the soup, and reheat them with the soup, then it should be okay.