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Apr 12, 2011 02:31 PM

Where to buy shiso in Edmonton/ Calgary?

I love shiso (Japanese Perilla) but having trouble finding this herb in Alberta - except occasionally at Japanese restaurants. I have seen seen seeds for sale in LA but for obvious reasons I couldn't bring them back. Actually, don't even know if you can grown them in this climate.
Anybody know where one can buy shiso in Edmonton or Calgary?
What about growing them here? Thank you.

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  1. I've bought shiso in Edmonton at Canakor, the Korean grocery on Parson's Road and 31st Ave.

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    1. re: mpad

      A little late replying...but thank you. Will look for them.

    2. i have seen them at lucky supermarket in calgary also. they are likely to be at T&T as well, but i haven't ever looked for them specifically there.

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      1. re: nyarlathotep

        I have also seen them at Lucky Supermarket. There wasn't any at the Pacific Place T&T when I was there last week, but I find that they tend to have a smaller selection of herbs/greens than the Harvest Hills location.

        Lucky Supermarket
        4527 8 Ave SE #327, Calgary, AB T2A 0A7, CA

        1. re: KcM

          Thanks everyone. Good tisp. I haven't seen any at T&T (WEM) but it is not a staple produce.
          Will look this weekend.