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Apr 12, 2011 02:24 PM

Nashville Bachelor Party

I am organizing my brother's Bachelor Party Weekend. We will be in Nashville May 6th-8th, staying at the Sheraton on Union Street. There will be 8 of us and I woulld like some good Dinner Rec's for the two nights. I am thinking southern food night-(maybe bbq) and the other I am open to suggestions, being Nashville Live Entertaiment is always going to a plus. Thanks in advance.

Union Street Cafe
202 Union St, Erwin, TN 37650

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  1. For live music, all you really need to do is stroll up and down Broadway, from the river to about 5th Ave. 90% of the honky-tonks are on this stretch of street, and you can pop in and out as desired. There are other music venues in town that would be worth checking out, as well -- I would just look up their web sites and see what's on tap those days. Station Inn is easily accessible via the free Music City Circuit shuttle. ( Bluebird Cafe is a listening room with a national reputation. 3rd and Lindsley is another worthwhile venue. Plus there are others. You can go to the alternative weekly paper's web site for club listings and calendars

    For dinners, how much are you looking to spend per person? Do you want a party-hardy atmosphere, or is something more sedate OK? How important is the food -- do you want really great food, or just acceptable food? Are you willing to go to other parts of town, or want to stick to the immediate area around the hotel? The downtown tourist zones has places that are edible, but not stellar. For example, Jack's BBQ on Broadway is OK, but the one on Trinity Lane is better. B&C BBQ in the Farmer's Market is good -- and they have good sides -- but I don't know if they are open for dinner, maybe just lunch. Also, note that the music spots will serve food, and it's usually fine, but none of them have *great* food. Anyway, post more about your dinner parameters/wishes and we can put up some specific recs.

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      Food is important to the group, but I would definitely say not looking for a fine dinning atmospshere. Would be willing to have dinner within a decent cab ride...This is our first time to Nashville and we all are big ountry music fans, so thank you for the help on the some the great bars and entertainment spots. A few friends have mentioned Sambucca as good choice for dinner???

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        Sambuca is pretty good and has a nice outdoor space. Not the top of my list, though. And it's a small regional chain. Right next to it is Watermark, a slightly better choice (also with an outside space), but may be a little fancier than you are looking for. Very little in Nashville is so fancy that you won't see people in jeans and whatnot, though. Both are in an area called The Gulch, and there are a few other spots within walking distance. Just a little north, closer to Broadway, is Virago and Whiskey Kitchen, also worth checking out, perhaps for pre-dinner drinks/apps.

        The best restaurant in town is generally considered to be City House. It's just north of downtown proper. It is sleek but quasi-industrial, and you'll see people dressed down and dressed up and lots in between. High energy space, a little loud, you can be a little raucous and eat some of the most inventive food in town.

        If you want southern food, you might look at Puckett's downtown. They've recently opened this location, and they also have live music I think. They are off the Broadway drag and the food will be good.

        Another choice you might find interesting is Cabana. It's in Hillsboro Village, just south of Vanderbilt University. The Village would be good for a bar crawl -- Bosco's brew pub, Sam's sports bar, Jackson's. But start with dinner at Cabana. Make a reservation for one of the cabana booths -- you can draw the curtain and have a private party, there's even a TV screen so you can watch a game if there's one on, or pop in a DVD.

        Just northeast of the Village is another cluster of interesting spots that have seen their share of bachelor doings: Boundr'y (very good food, two interesting bars upstairs & down in addition to the restaurant), South Street (much more casual), a new tavern across the street in the Adelecia condo bldg. Just up the street is Patterson House, another great place for cocktails.