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Apr 12, 2011 02:17 PM

Polish/Hungarian in Rome

Does anyone know of any Polish or Hungarian restaurants in Rome? If so, how were they?

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  1. Good question! I've never heard of any, but a good place to start looking would be the Polish butcher at the Esquilino Market. You can't miss him since he is the only one selling things like pastrami and smoked sausages.

    1. I don't know of any, but I would go sniffing around the Polish church (via dei Polacchi? in any case on or near Botteghe Oscure) and perhaps ask. The soon-to-be-Blessed John Paul II had Polish nuns to cook for him.
      Simply eons ago, before there were any foreign restaurants in Rome, there was a Hungarian place at the bottom of the steps leading up to the Markets of Trajan on Via IV Novembre. I never went -- could never persuade anyone to go with me -- and it eventually closed. I am unaware of any replacement, but if I really needed to know, I'd call the consulate.

      1. There absolutely is a Polish restaurant in Rome. (I highly doubt it is the only one but it's the only one I know!) It's called Osteria Barbazza and is located at Largo Barbazza 32/33. (Sorry I can't add a link!) You can get there by taking the Metro A to Battistini then switching to the Bus #46. Take it 7 stops and get off at the Capecelatro stop. The restaurant is a few minutes walk from there.