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Apr 12, 2011 02:01 PM

At Home Easter Molecular Gastronomy

Ok, so we are doing an Easter potluck at my office and I have apparently become known for doing slightly creative things. I want to take it up a notch with a little molecular gastronomy, especially since most of my co-workers don't even know what it is.

I am thinking of carrot juice caviar (seems simple enough). The next idea is what to serve it with. My thought thus far is mimicking sushi. Here is my thought:

Sushi rice wrapped around ham and then topped with the carrot caviar which will cover the ham and make it look like a sushi roll topped with salmon roe. Instead of fish and roe, the eaters will get ham and carrots. The idea has been floated around of making a balsamic vinegar reduction as using that as a play on soy sauce.

Thoughts on this dish or other suggestions for the carrot caviar?

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  1. Interesting thoughts. My first reaction to carrot "caviar" was to replicate the beet spheres from Alinea, but the spheres are a little big for a caviar look a like. You may be able to downsize them, but don't hold me to that. Aside from spheres, you might make realllyyyy small parisienne balls, but it would be a very menial task to make that enough to top a lot of sushi rolls.

    As far as the balsamic reduction goes, I like the play on soy sauce, but I would test it out with the carrot-ham flavor combination beforehand just to be sure. Flavor always comes first.

    1. You could make a puree of blanched peas and spinach, heat it up enough to melt gelatin or agar and spread it out in thin sheets on a silpat to chill for faux nori. And I suppose you could use the same spherifiation process used for the carrot caviar with a thin potato puree to replace the rice although you would need to add something to replicate the stickyness of sushi rice, possibly just more potato puree. Then you'd have an entire traditional Easter meal in one bite!