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Apr 12, 2011 01:31 PM

Locally grown produce groceries

Hubby and I will be in town for the first time in Honolulu. We have a kitchen in our hotel room and will want to cook some meals. I want to know what kind of produce / goods are Hawaii able to grow? Where is the best grocery market accessible by bus from our hotel room by the Zoo?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. will you be here on a saturday? you can easily take the bus to kapiolani community college 1st thing sat morning for the island's biggest farmer's market (7:30 AM - 11 AM)...just look around, lots of asian/tropical produce, some seafood (ohana seafoods has premarinated fish and there's also kona abalone) and often some meat (north shore cattle often has local beef, and big island red veal carries humanely raised veal - nice little treat). whole foods is right up the street about another mile or so, can catch a bus there too. can get lots of other local products...seafood tends to be pricey but they do have local fish....try the opah (moonfish) - my fave...they also often have monchong, swordfish, mahi, and ahi caught in hawaiian waters, and if you want to spend a little more they sometimes have delicious onaga (deep water red snapper). a bit more fun is to head to chinatown and buy a whole fresh fish down there...can take a bus there in the opposite direction....your concierge i'm sure can help you plan transport.

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      Hmmm. We'll be fly in on a Monday and flying out on Saturday morning. Looks like Chinatown will be a stop for us. I guess I better study up on my seafood so that I know what I'm looking at.

      How about vegetables? What sort of vegetables are grown in Hawaii?

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        There is a new Safeway store on Kapahulu which you could get to by bus. They don't specialize in local produce by any means but there is still some to be had (we have some things locally here in Kaneohe.) There are also a lot of little good restaurants in the large parking lot (Good to Grill, Burgers on the Edge.) Near there on a side street is a great food truck Zarataz Mexicatessan. Almost everything is grown here well not everything but an amazing variety of vegetables, herbs, fruits but like all areas seasonality plays a role so certain things will not be available when you arrive.

        Burgers on the Edge
        890 Kapahulu Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816

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          there is a Honolulu Farmers' Market at Blaisdell Center (Ward&Kapiolani) on Wednesdays from 4-7pm. Easy to get to by bus. Not as big as the KCC market, but some of my friends find it works better for their schedule and say that it has a good selection.