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Apr 12, 2011 01:30 PM

Festival food favorites

Hi Chowhounds, I'm in the midst of planning an lavender festival in June in southern California.

So far on the menu, we have some staples from previous festivals such as BBQ chicken and beef brisket sandwiches, burgers, chicken kebabs, and corn on the cob. We'll also be selling fresh made kettle corn and lavender ice cream.

What are your favorite types of festival food? And is there anything you'd like to see specifically at a lavender festival? Any feedback would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. Good grilled sausages, tri tip, a choice of some frites with interesting dipping sauces. Beer & wine tents and some sweet things, fudge, nut brittle etc.

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    1. re: cstr

      Thanks, cstr. I like the beer and wine tent and nut brittle idea. We always served the beer and wine in the main food tent but they would probably do well in their own tent. Bratwurst is definitely on the menu!

      Any thoughts on lavender-flavored foods? We put some lavender twist on about 50% of the foods we serve, i.e., lavender balsamic vinaigrette. Some people love it, others get sick of it.

      1. re: yumyumyogi

        Lavender brownies are delicious.

        Especially in June, lavender lemonade would be a big hit. Simply use lavender simple syrup to sweeten your lemonade.

        One of my friends recently made brownie cupcakes with lavender icing:

        Since you're in SoCal, I'll mention one other favorite lavender thing. See if Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is carrying their lavender mint green tea. I love the stuff, but it was limited edition. Perhaps it'll be back again. Otherwise, maybe you can find lavender Tea Forte:

        As to other (non-lavender) festival foods, done right, I love a good gyro.


    2. Falafel. I also have a real thing for those huge turkey drumsticks.

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      1. re: tcamp

        Thanks, tcamp. We have a baked falafel sandwich with a tahini tzatziki on the menu. I'm hoping the "baked" part will be an attraction, not a turn-off. Where would you get those turkey drumsticks, at a medieval festival perhaps?

        1. re: yumyumyogi

          Yes, I associate the drumsticks with the Renaissance Festival and sometimes the State fair. May not taste the same without that unique atmosphere provided by scantily clad wenches and dudes with daggers on their hips, quaffing mead.

      2. Lavender zeppoles might be pretty nice. I've seen lavender doughnuts, so at least one other person thinks this is a good idea.

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        1. re: small h

          Zeppoles! With a lavender powdered sugar. Sounds great. I'm going to test them out. Thanks for the suggestion!

        2. I had a really good lavender shortbread cookie once that went very nicely with tea.

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          1. I particularly like lamb w lavender and, I love lavender honey glazed anything!

            Lavender and honey are natural partners . . . teas, baked goods, ice cream, are waffles as popular in the US as they are at Canadian festivals?

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            1. re: Breadcrumbs

              Good to know. Maybe lamb kabobs instead of chicken then? I agree lavender and honey partner well together. We have a lavender honey ice cream that's a runner every year.