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Jan 26, 2006 12:11 AM

Naan n' Curry vs... ?????

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Why is there no great, casual, British type curry in West LA?

I just got back from the Bay Area. I had a meal at Naan n' Curry with friends... We NEED restaurants like this in LA.

It's a very casual Indian "pizza-parlor-type" environment that serves Naan... n' Curry. It's got an open kitchen, serve yourself drinks, serve yourself plates and cutlery, fast service, and very good, spicy, curry. Meat curry is roughly $5, Veggie curry is $3-4, rice is $1, Naan is $1, soft drinks are $1. Two people can consume a surfeit for curry for less than $15. They're even open until 2:00am.

The environment is clean and bright (kinda like the West LA Zankou) and owes alot to the British ideal. From just one location in 2004 they're up to five and growing.

So, what is my best LA equivilent? I'm dying knowing that it's a very long drive back up to San Francisco.

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  1. The one in the bay sounds fantastic. I will try it next time I'm there.

    Good Indian style curry in a nice casual environment is definitly hard to come by in WLA. My favorite spot is a seedy strip mall place on Overland and Jefferson. It's called Shalomar (sp?) and the lunch buffet is awesome. Cheap at lunch, not worth a dinner visit.

    1. It does NOT exist anywhere in Southern California. I have searched far and wide, from Little India in Artesia to the Pakistani places in and adjacent to Inglewood and the San Fernando Valley. Sorry but that's the miserable reality.

      The last time I was up in the Bay Area, my first stop was at Naan "N" Curry and in the next few days Pakwan, Lahore Karahi, Chutney Gourmet Curries,and Shalimar, all within walking distance of each other in the Tenderloin. My favorite Indian restaurants in the Western U.S. But that discussion is for the S.F. Board!

      There are a few places down here that I do enjoy, although not as much as the places uo north. These include Al-Noor, Al-Watan, Bilal, Ambala Dhaba (both locations but prefer Artesia when I can get there), The India Restaurant for the only good all-you-can-eat Indian buffet I've ever had, last time it included lamb shanks that were tender and moist meatsicles, Rockys Tandoori, (friendly, ultra casual and tasty), Medina Market & Indian Fast Food Restaurant, (thanks to a posting by Steve Doggie-Dogg), Shahnawaz, (especially the jalapeno curry rec. by J. Gold), Surati Farsan Mart for delightful Indian sweets and probably the snacks that I've yet to try, Tirupathi Bhimas for the best S. Indian veg. food, (thanks for this rec. to Melanie Wong!), also Woodlands for good S. Indian veg. at both locations. I've included the veg. and sweets even though they are a bit off topic because they are good as well and in the case of Surati Farsan, near other restaurants and well worth a stop after a meal for a dessert! If you eat at Ambala Dhaba, also save room for their desserts, kulfi(Indian ice cream) or kulfi with falooda(a sweet noodle). I spoke with the owner of Naan "N" Curry and while he enjoyed these sweets back home, did not know where to find them in S.F.

      Even though I have been searching for a new job in the Bay Area that would bring me closer to the foods that I love, the places in my list are all worth checking out. These are the places that I return to!

      15112 Inglewood Ave.
      Lawndale, CA 90260
      310 675 4700

      13611 Inglewood Ave.
      Hawthorne, CA 90250
      310 644 6395

      1117 W. Manchester Bl. #G
      Inglewood, CA 90301
      310 641 4435

      Ambala Dhaba
      18418 Pioneer Bl.
      Artesia, CA 90701
      562 402 7990

      Ambala Dhaba
      1781 Westwood Bl.
      Los Angeles, CA 90024
      310 966 1772

      The India Restaurant
      17824 Pioneer Bl.
      Artesia, CA 90701
      562 860 5621

      Rockys Tandoori
      18108 Parthenia St.
      Northridge, CA 91325
      818 709 8692

      Medina Market & Indian Fast Food Restaurant
      10855 Magnolia Bl.
      North Hollywood, CA 91601
      818 763 8870

      12225 Centralia
      Lakewood, CA 90715
      562 402 7443

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        Sorry, I forgot some info:

        Surati Farsan Mart
        11814 E. 186th St.
        Artesia, CA 90701
        562 860 2310

        Tirupathi Bhimas
        18792 Pioneer Bl.
        Artesia, CA 90701
        562 809 3806
        Tirupathi Bhimas
        1208 S. Able St.
        Milpitas, CA 95035
        408 945 1010

        11833 Artesia Bl.
        Artesia, CA 90701
        562 860 6500
        9840 Topanga Cyn. Bl. Unit A,
        Chatsworth, CA 91311
        818 998 3031

      2. Hi... Perhaps the place called Chutneys, in the strip mall at the corner of Pico and Barrington? 'Pizza-parlor' ambiance for indian fastfood, is about right. Don't know if they serve british style curry there or not...

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          Someone on the Board a while ago recommended the Coach House on Sunset east of Fairfax as having "British style" Indian food. Haven't tried it however.

        2. Couldn't agree more. We definitely could use a lot more Indian restaurants down here to beef up the competition and quality.

          I've heard that there are really good Indian eats to be had in the Diamond Bar area. Anyone have any recs?

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              Aashiana Restaurant
              2020 S Brea Canyon Rd
              Diamond Bar CA, 91765
              (909) 396-0176

              I've eaten at Naan n' Curry, Shalimar, and another place which is in Berkeley (Tandor Kitchen, I think), and Aashiana could definitely compete with those places. The food used to be better, but it's still decent (hopefully) and reasonable prices. There's a good lunch buffet on weekdays.

          1. This is not what you are looking for but thought I would share my recent discovery.

            Stumbled into Ambala Dhaba in Westwood on Tuesday because Sunnin was full.

            We ordered the lunch specials--they came in a tray with rice, salad, a potato appetizer (yummy spicy sauce), a bean stew, and my entree choice of Ludhiana Chicken (daughter had Channa Masala).

            Everything was tasy except the piece of spongey looking sweets which texture and taste we didn't care for.

            The naan was pretty good, and the sweet mint lassi was very delicious!

            The ice cream flavors there sound exotic: almond saffron, pista saffron, malai (someone tell me what this is??), mango.....but didn't have room for them after the filling lunch.

            I don't know if it is authentic as I am new to Indian food, but I like it a lot. My only previous experience was Pradeep in Santa Monica. I like Ambala Dhaba better.

            Ambala Dhaba
            1781 Westwood Bl.
            Los Angeles, CA 90024
            310 966 1772