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Apr 12, 2011 12:42 PM

Produce Distribution Center?

Is there an central area in Austin where the produce comes in before being repacked and sent out to grocery stores and restaurants? There's one in Houston, and it has a market attached that sells produce for 30% less than retail. I'd love to find something like this in Austin. Thanks for the help!

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  1. a wholesale fruit place just opened up at the corner of anderson mill and 183.
    it's on the right side, before the intersection with 183, across the street from the plaza with the blockbuster.
    or at least, they just put up some signage that indicated it was open to the public.

    i can't find anything online so if i am going by this weekend i will get more details for you.

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      okay, i can't find anything online other than the phone and address:

      The Capital Produce
      9514 Anderson Mill Road
      Austin, TX 78729-4405
      (512) 291-6370

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        It used to be Playland Skate Center if that helps.

    2. There's a produce distributor around 7th and Shady lane, but I don't think they have any sort of retail outlet. If you're on foot, you can tell you're getting close if you're slipping on limes.

      I used to kick a lime all the way from 7th street down Shady Lane to Cesar Chavez on the way to work every morning.

      Segovia Produce, just popped into my head.


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        I'll certainly check this out,, thanks!