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Apr 12, 2011 12:28 PM

Cuisinart Multiclad Pro or Le Creuset Stainless?

Hi everyone,
I finally sold off most of my All Clad collection which I did not like due to it's uncomfortable handles.

I am now torn between a set of Cuisinart Multiclad Pro or Le Creuset Stainelss Tri-Ply.

Any recommendations???

Thank you!

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  1. Have you held both of them? It sounds like handles are a key factor for you.

    I have only held the Cuisinart ones and thought they were fine, but I also don't have complaints about the All-Clad.

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    1. re: juise

      I've handled Le Creuset but cannot locate the cuisinart multiclad in any stores in my area.

      1. re: raplum

        I also hate All Clad handles and have been very happy with Cuisinart Multiclad, BUT I have also handled (not cooked with) the Le Creuset and think it feels great.

        If you're not committed to a matching set, why not order one different piece of each online? If you like both, keep them, and order more pieces in whatever brand you like better. If not, you can always return one.

    2. Maybe the new line of All Clad with the new handles?

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      1. re: C. Hamster

        You read my mind.....checking out the D5 at Williams Sonoma now. Just torn on whether to consider a set or individual pieces.....I bought the Le Creuset and already packed it up....didn't even try to cook with it. For the price of the set; there was not one pan that I could have sauteed or pan fried chicken for a family of four.....I love All Clad's French Skillets and lot's of their other pieces; so perhaps I can find a better option in D5!

        1. re: raplum

          Thats what I was thinking. I'm not a set person, myself.

          Does Cookware and More sell D5? That might be worth checking out on line.

          1. re: C. Hamster

            Well, I lucked out!
            Visited my local Williams Sonoma and purchased a 10 piece MC2 set.
            This ended up to be the best value.
            They are offering 10% off sets and 20% off open stock all clad right now.
            I received another 10% off since they only had floor samples left.
            I also picked up an MC2 3 quart Sauteuce.
            In addition received an all clad lasagna pan, cookbook and oven mits as a gift with purchase. So, loving my MC2 - pouring lips, improved handles and excellent all clad quality! I am very happy!!!!

      2. raplum, I own several pcs. of MCP and the BEST place to pick out what u want is Amazon. Just scroll down and pick the pcs u need. The 2 handle 5qt casserole w cover is a good pick. The least used so far is the 3qt saute. Have fun!

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