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Apr 12, 2011 12:24 PM

Schnitzel Express 39th St. Manhattan

In the last few months this fast food restaurant raised its prices some 15%, which discouraged me from frequenting it for lunch.

Today we though we'd give it a shot. First off our order, not a large one, took 20 minutes to receive. We order fried chicken wings-8 pieces. After the long wait when it finally arrived we noticed there were only 7 pieces. We called this to the attention of the person taking orders and he told us he'll make another one. Some fifteen minutes later we were offered two wings or two chicken fingers.

A grilled chicken sandwich came on a stale whole wheat baguette. When I called this to the attention of the proprietor he said the whole wheat baguette dries out much faster.

The prices rose and the quality has sunk.

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  1. Any other experiences with this place recently?

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      I was there recently, and the food was good and service was reasonable. But my order was (even more than robocop's) simple- a schnitzel sandwich, home fries, and a soda. Came out to $17.15, which I though was relatively reasonable, if a bit pricey. The sandwich has a lot of chicken in it, and I wish more places would do house fries from cut up potatoes (and sweet potatoes), particularly when they have their own deep fryers. I have no idea what the prices were like before, though, since it's not somewhere I frequent.