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Apr 12, 2011 12:19 PM

Montreal Smoked Meat

Does anyone know where to get Montreal smoked meat in Philly?

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  1. Montreal smoked meat hardly exists anymore in Montreal as people will not buy meat with sufficient fat for the genuine article. If I was in Phillie I would look for a Romanian Deli and pick up some Romanian Pastrami. As a forth generation Montrealer I think I know my Montreal Smoked Meat and even in Montreal when I am looking to make Montreal Smoked meat sandwiches I buy Romanian pastrami and import some New York or Vermont Jewish rye. The last decent jewish rye died with the closing of St Lawrence bakery too many years ago. Fortunately we now have the best European bakeries in North America.

    1. Herschel's has the fatty meat, very freshly steamed. However, his seasoning is light which is the best thing about a place like Schwartz's in Montreal. Most places in Phila let the meat cool then cut on slicer, definitely not for me. Best l can do, go to NY and Katz's. Yeh, l know MSMeat and pastrami are not the same, but are close.

      1. I think I'll petition the folk at Spread Bagelry, whenever they finally open, to add smoked meat to their roster of Montreal-style bagels. That could be a devastating combination.

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          We definitely aren't shy on the fatty cuts here--Herschel's and Famous 4th definitely keep the fat and flavor intact on their corned beef and pastrami, and pork belly is just about everywhere.