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Apr 12, 2011 11:58 AM

What's a good San Diego Food Gift To Give Out of Towners?

I'm traveling out of state this week and I wanted to get some family friends of mine something local to San Diego. I thought something food related would be nice since they have a decent sized family. Obviously it will have to be something that keeps well in a day's car ride or something I can put in a cooler at least. Any ideas for something not just good, but screams San Diego?


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  1. first things that come to mind:
    - Julian Pies
    - wine from an SD county vineyard
    - beer from an SD brewery

    1. In addition to goodhealthgourmet:

      Julian Hard Cider
      Local produce - strawberries might work
      carne asada. . .not sure how that would work, but it screams San Diego
      rolled tacos. . .also not sure how to transport it

        1. re: cstr

          I forgot about Julian. Strawberries and pies sound great. The Mexican food would be awesome if I could teleport it over there. =P I wanted something the whole family could enjoy so I'm not sure about wine, although, maybe I can get two things one for the parents and one for the whole family.

          Thanks for the suggestions! More welcome if there are any.

          1. Local San Diego microbrews. There are dozens to choose from,. However, I'm partial to Ballast Point's Victory at Sea (the brewery on Linda Vista should still have some bottles for sale) and anything from Alesmith.