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Apr 12, 2011 11:45 AM

Restaurant Review - Teatro

Well! *rubs hands together* It's been a while since I've gone anywhere. When Groupon came out with a special for Teatro, how could I resist? I've never been there before and I went in hoping for great things. Alas, I was slightly disappointed.

First, let's begin with the food. I was there with my sister and we got three appetizers, the flatbread, calamari and seared foie gras. The flatbread was wonderful! It was like a pesto pizza with ham on top. The calamari was good and the foie gras was very small and a little disappointing. Still, it tasted nice.

For the main course, I ordered the pork shoulder and my sister got the beef ravioli. I loved my pork! It was excellent, stuffed and very flavorful. My sister wasn't too fond of the sauce on her ravioli, alas, and said she wished she'd gotten the lamb terrine. But that happens.

The desserts were excellent! My sister had the hazelnut tart with banana ice cream and I had the trio of creme brulee. They were to die for and it made an excellent end to the evening.

Service: The service was great. I have no complaints.

Atmosphere: It wasn't really to our taste. There was not even the illusion of privacy... the area was quite cramped. But it's a small space so I don't hold that against them. The decor also wasn't really to our taste but that's fine.

Our real problem with Teatro restaurant was the seating. It sounds a little silly, but it was actually very annoying. The chairs are hard but not long enough to properly support the legs, so your butt goes numb and where your legs hit the chair edge starts to hurt. I'm rather large, and it was actually better for me than my sister, who's quite slender. It made me long for padded chairs.

Overall, I would say that Teatro was an enjoyable experience, particularly with a Groupon to defray the cost. I wouldn't go back but if you don't mind hard chairs, I would recommend trying it out. Enjoy!

Teatro Restaurant
200 8th Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0K7, CA

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  1. Seriously?! Your "slightly disappointing" take away and general problem with Teatro lies not with the food, or service, but with the CHAIRS? Oh, and the "atmosphere" which wasn't to your liking. And all this with a Groupon. Well...

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    1. re: kayahead

      I'm not sure what's wrong about wanting to be comfortable when I eat?

      1. re: kayahead

        The Groupon has nothing to do with anything concerning the matters AD discussed, it is irrelevant. Do you actually think that someone should be more grateful because a restaurant is offering a deal, and someone takes them up on it?

        I guess you never use Groupons or the like because, well, you like paying list price?

        1. re: Scary Bill

          Not at all do I think someone should be grateful with a groupon. It just seemed a bit unfair to the restaurant to say you are disappointed and won't go back when it's clear you seemed to have no problem with the food or service. Having the chairs be the biggest issue seems a bit much....I've never noticed a problem with their chairs.

          1. re: kayahead

            I got the Groupon because it was available. I wanted to scout out places to take my family for special occassions, like my mom's birthday which is coming up shortly, actually. But my mom, while fit and relatively young, has arthritis in the joints. I don't want her stiff and sore after the meal! That would be a terrible birthday present. So yes, this matters, especially when we're going to be sitting in place for two hours. I would also add, we had one Groupon for the two of us so one of our meals was full price.

            1. re: AriaDream

              What about the booths, from what I remember they were cushioned and quite comfortable? Althought I think they only seat two and the rest of your party would have to be in chairs.

              The food is outstanding at Teatro, worth sitting in the chair for two hours IMHO.

              Teatro Restaurant
              200 8th Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0K7, CA

              1. re: crazy_eoj

                Yes, we saw those booths... they did look more comfortable and more private, too. I'd have been happier if we were there. It wouldn't do for my whole family though, alas!

            2. re: kayahead

              Sorry kayahead, but comfort is a very important issue when dining out for some of us. I see no point in paying good money for a meal that I cannot enjoy without pain from sitting on an uncomfortable chair - and I am actually annoyed when restaurateurs consider some interior designers artistic vision more important than patrons comfort. Enjoy your good health - it may not last forever - then you may understand how important some of these issues are.

        2. Yeah, I think they've always had hard chairs.

          Great space but they do pack 'em in.

          Always enjoy going there, thanks for the review.

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. No...that's what chowhound is for. Whether you agree with them or not, an informative review/note about a restaurant can give you a heads up before you arrive.

              *edit* @AriaDream: always appreciate reading your reviews.
              *edit2* ...makes less sense with post missing now...

            2. I got married at Teatro recently, and had no complaints from any of our older guests with the seating.

              I have been to teatro many times and the food, service, atmosphere is always top notch.

              I happened to be there for lunch today using the Groupon, and obviously it was nice to have a discount, but I will always go back or not.

              Teatro Restaurant
              200 8th Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0K7, CA