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Apr 12, 2011 11:35 AM

vegetable aspic and mock apple pie???

Hi Chowhounds,

I have a friend coming over to dinner and I asked her to challenge me with some new recipes.

She suggested vegetable aspic and mock apple pie (she's allergic to apples). There's also the fun historical aspect of the depression era and the invention of mock apple pie, but that's another story altogether.

So, these are crazy unexpected suggestions and I welcome the challenge.

Anyway, just wanted to see if anyone had some great recipes on these two. Obviously I looked on Google and came across some things, but I like getting recipes from you Chowhounds that you've tried and tested. I know I can always count on you guys!!!

Thanks so much!

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  1. The mock apple pie was a standard back of the box Ritz cracker recipe back in the 50's and well before, and the recipe you've probably seen is the basic one. I believe Ritz still has it on their website. This pie was mentioned in another thread here last year.

    Although I was very intrigued by this when I was 5, my mom failed/refused to satisfy my desire, and I have never had this pie.

    Same recipe:

    As far as vegetable aspics go, I have made tomato aspic more than once, but back in the 50's and probably long before that decade, Jello brand had a celery flavor jelled product that was perfect for vegetable aspic. It's no longer available, but you can do a better version by using vegetable broth, chicken stock or tomato juice, or even V-8 or a similar product, or a mix of those, for the gelled base, and add grated carrots, chopped red and green peppers, cooked peas, shredded cabbage, canned crushed pineapple (not fresh,) diced beets, cooked small shrimp, diced ham, mix 'n match, if you want more of a congealed salad, rather than just a plain aspic, which was the way this was served back in the day, topped with a dollop of mayo.

    Have much fun with this.

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      Thanks so much for these ideas and taking the time. Vegetable aspic really is such a throwback. I think I'll borrow from these ideas and try out my own version with seasonable veggies. Thanks again!

      1. re: Lynndsey Rigberg

        You're so welcome, it was fun. Have a great dinner. Let us know how it goes.

        1. re: bushwickgirl

          Hi bushwickgirl - I made the mock apple pie and the aspic. I thought I'd keep the blanched veggies whole so it would look pretty when Icut it up - but the aspic (savory jello blox really) just fell apart when i was slicing it. It tasted great, but looked terrible. My guests were kind and ate it all anyway.

          The mock apple pie was sort of crazy - it did not taste like apple pie, just a good substitute if one is truly going through an apple famine - which we're not - however it was greatly appreciated by my friend who is allergic to apples (which is why she requested this crazy recipes).

          Thanks again for the links and support! Have a great weekend!

          1. re: Lynndsey Rigberg

            I'm glad you let me know how it worked out. The vegetables do need to be diced for a congealed molded salad like this; however, I understand the concept you had in mind.

            The pie I've never had, as I mentioned upthread. I also have never suffered through an apple famine, and hope never to, but I believe that the pie recipe development may have been a frugal response to a very economically tough time in the US; it's certainly a reasonable sub for those who have apple allergies and need a pie fix.

            Have a great weekend yourself!