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Apr 12, 2011 11:12 AM

Tasso Bar a Mezze--this Saturday night in Montreal?

I'm very excited to be heading back to Montreal this weekend with my beau. We live in Burlington, Vermont, and he and I are adventurous diners who enjoy just about every kind of restaurant.

I want to start exploring some new neighborhoods and I have been looking for a not-top-dollar restaurant in the Plateau neighborhood for dinner Saturday night. We're having classic French cuisine Sunday night, and so I'd like to try something that isn't so easy to come by in Vermont for Saturday.

I picked out Tasso Bar a Mezze after reading encouraging reviews on OpenTable, but I'd like to hear from any Chowhound-ers who have eaten there and liked it (or hated it) and if you have any other suggestions I should consider.

Ideally, dinner for two with wine would be under $150.

Many thanks!

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  1. You will likely enjoy this restaurant and I'd be interested in hearing about it if you go.
    Me? I really wanted to like it, but felt it was more flash than anything else. Some of the mezzes were prepared way to far ahead and service was aloof. The waiter perked up a bit when we ordered a second bottle of wine which put me off a bit.
    I know you mention "not-top-dollar" and a price range of $150, but for a special occasion such as a trip to Montreal with your beau, I might suggest Milos. It may (will) cost twice your budget, but arguably one of the best restaurants in Montreal on many levels.
    BTW, we love the Queen City, visiting maybe 5 times a year.

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      Thanks so much for your reply! Actually, it doesn't sound like we will like it very much! Milos is on our short list but for Saturday we were looking for some sort of interesting small plates meal. We also had Pintxo in mind. Recommended instead? Another place? So glad you enjoy visiting Burlington. It is a great place to live with so many good restaurants.

      1. re: westerleigh

        "we were looking for some sort of interesting small plates meal. We also had Pintxo in mind. Recommended instead? Another place?"

        Pinxto is nice, and you could always look at "Le Filet" (on Mont-Royal,



          1. re: westerleigh

            you might consider Damas

            small plate syrian food. it is certainly unique and it is well situated near the other restaurants mentioned.

            here are some food photos

            1. re: celfie

              That sounds lovely, thank you (and I really like your blog!).

        1. re: westerleigh

          You might try Casa Tapas.

          Casa Tapas
          266 Rue Rachel E, Montreal, QC H2W1E6, CA

          1. re: westerleigh

            We ate at Chien Fumant a couple of times now and are impressed: cozy, hip, intimate, with quality food and laid back service.
            Not Greek or small plates, but perhaps a good option and within your budget. They do awsome cocktails and some of their own charcuterie. If they have, try the Buffalo style pigs ear.
            Their all-French website doesn't offer up much, though;

            1. re: porker

              Thank you. I agree, the website is a bit opaque (although I do like the smoking dog).

        2. Hello

          I was looking for other opinions of this resto. It is featured on Team Buy (a group buying site like groupon) today and I wondered if its worth a try. Sounds like it is but am interested to hear others' experiences.