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Apr 12, 2011 10:01 AM

"Chowdown" Craft Cocktail Hour Tonight (4/12) at Burritt Room

For the second "chowdown" craft cocktail hour we'll meet tonight at 5:30 (until about 7) to try out the drinks menu of one of the city's newest craft cocktail bars, Burritt Room. Kevin Diedrich from Clock Bar and Bourbon & Branch is the mixologist there.

Read up on the philosophy behind the cocktail menu:

Yelp page, with map:

Location is 417 Stockton (at Bush) in the Crescent Hotel (up the stairs to the left of the elevator) in San Francisco.

If you come, please post back reviews and comments on this thread.


Bourbon & Branch
501 Jones St, San Francisco, CA

Burritt Room
417 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA 94108

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  1. went a few weeks ago for my own little ladies' happy hours (I'm definitely going to have to join yours or compare notes!)

    Not Tonight: favorite of the evening. Light and refreshing with a hint of something no one could identify. Fragrant and mild.

    Black Cross: for those nights when you need a STIFF drink. Not only did I get a little cocktail glass, I got a tiny carafe as well. It was as much alcohol as two of any of the other drinks.

    Cuzco Flower: okay, not as good as a good pisco sour IMO.

    The drinks at Burritt Room are petite, but they pack a serious punch! FWIW, I prefer Bourbon and Branch for both drinks and atmosphere, but like Burritt's drinks better than those we were served at Clock Bar.

    Burritt Room
    417 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA 94108

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    1. re: Pei

      This is a fantastic tip sheet for future visits--thanks for that!

      For my first drink, I explained to the bartenders that I wanted something refreshing, light and on the sour side. They made me a Cloister, which was a gin-chartreuse-grapefruit concoction, with less simple syrup than they generally use. It was exactly right for what I wanted.

      For my second drink, I had the Black Cross, which they recommended as being one of their most popular cocktails. Tea-infused rum, pear liqueur, and, as Pei says, a sidecar of extra Black Cross. The drinks glasses here are classically sized, not the margarita fishbowls favored nowadays. I was surprised by how much I liked this drink because I don't generally go for rum--maybe it was the tea infusion that made it more complex and interesting to me?

      For my third drink, I did not have a drink, because I would have ended up face-down on Market Street. See above about the sidecar.

      On the excellent Alcademics, I found a run-down of some of Burritt's unique drinks:

      1. re: Pei

        Hope you'll be joining us, Pei, haven't seen you since you moved back to SF. Long time!

        Notices for chowdowns go out to mailing lists organized by region, as described here.

        If folks have signed up on the lists but haven't seen an email from the list for a while, please log-in to yahoo groups and check your settings. Common issues are that notifications are set to digest or web only instead of email delivery. Also check for defunct email addresses and set to current one.

      2. I really enjoyed both my cocktails, and was sad I had to rush off early for a date. But happy that I had 1.5 cocktails in me while watching No Exit. ("Hell is other people"!!)

        I wrote down the names of my cocktails, but unfortunately not the rather baroque sets of ingredients. I believe both of them had sherry in them, because sherry cocktails are a current obsession.

        My first drink was the Salvatore's Flip, which pane and I agreed looked a bit like a bad cappuccino. But tasted delicious: smooth and creamy from the egg, not too alcoholic (deceptively so, perhaps).

        The Rocinante was slow and steady, like its namesake. I know that it had blanco tequila and manzanilla sherry, but my memory ends there. It too came with a little sidecar flask on ice, which I would have loved to carry off with me when I left, but I hope that it was enjoyed by the others!

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        1. re: davina

          Yes the Rocinate was enjoyed by Melanie and me :-) Thank You !

          To start with, I had the Torrii Toddy - which was essentially a hot toddy topped with chrysanthemum tea - very subtle and a real treat for my throat.

          Next - I could not resist the rum old fashioned which was $5 on the happy hour list. Came with it's own special giant cube of ice and lemon peel. Loved this one as well.

          Great to meet pane and davina for the first time and look forward to the next one !


          Burritt Room
          417 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA 94108

          1. re: davina

            Yes, thank you for the name of that cocktail. I tasted the Rocinante and liked it very much!

          2. Thank you, pane, for organizing this.

            The sign in the lobby directs to take the stairs to reach the Burritt Room. The elevator does stop on that floor for those who need a lift.

            When I asked for a "complex" cocktail made with brown spirits, our barkeep suggested the Spade & Archer. The menu description: "Use a mixing glass. Two parts rye whiskey; three quarters french vermouth; one half cynar; dash of orange; peach; lemon bitters; green chartreuse rinsed glass. Fill with ice, stir and strain into rocks glass."

            I had a ringside seat in front of these infusions,
            and found it very cool when the chartreuse was spritzed into the glass. As Pei says, the drinks are STRONG, and this one in particular cuz it's straight spirits. I nursed it for 2 hours and drank a lot of ice water.

            We shared a 4505 hot dog, $6, served up bare with condiments in squeeze bottles to add your own. This took more than 15 minutes to be served, maybe BR doesn't get many food orders.

            Burritt Room
            417 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA 94108