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Apr 12, 2011 09:42 AM

Need your help for restaurants, groceries and liquor stores in OBX

Greetings SE CHs!
Flying from Minneapolis to Norfolk and driving to Corolla. I need your expert help. Looking for:
1. grocery stores with organic products
2. markets / stores with freshest seafood
3. bakery / pastry / bread shop?
3. must experience restaurants
4. abc stores - the only place to purchase liquor. Are they well stocked?


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  1. First, a disclaimer. The Outer Banks are still somewhat isolated, Corolla even more so. The grocery selections can be limited. If you have very specific needs, it may be a good idea to find a Whole Foods or similar in Norfolk and stock up there. In fact, that's a good idea no matter what, so you can avoid the huge crush of people in OBX grocery stores on Sat/Sun. Once in Corolla, there is a Harris Teeter near the Corolla Golf Course, probably your best bet for organics. I also vaguely remember a farm stand in Duck, local but probably not organic.

    The closest ABC store to Corolla is on US-158, just before the Hwy 12 junction. I haven't been in years, so I can't speak to the stock. It should have the basics - popular brands of most liquors and inexpensive/cheap varieties in large quantities. ABC stores are liquor/spirits only. Wine and Beer are sold in grocery stores.

    1. Harris Teeter is a good grocery store. Go to Corolla Pizza and Corolla BBQ. North Banks and Ocean Front are nice. You can get seafood at Outer Banks.

      Harris Teeter @ 601 Currituck Clubhouse Drive, Corolla, NC 252 - 453 - 0153.
      Corolla Pizza and Deli @ 1152 Ocean Trail, Corolla, NC 252 - 453 - 8592.
      Corolla Village BBQ @ 1129 Corolla Village Rd., Coinjock, NC 252 - 457 - 0076.
      North Banks Restaurant and Raw Bar @ 794-G Sunset Blvd., Corolla, NC 252 - 453 - 3344.
      Ocean Front Grill @ 1197 Franklyn St., Corolla, NC 252 - 453 - 4748.
      Outer Bank's Seafood Co. @ 811 Ocean Trail, Corolla, NC 252 - 453 - 2681.

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        wow! thanks so much for the detail - you are fabulous!!

      2. mpjmph is right. Please don't expect urban amenities on the Banks. Do love it for what it is.

        If you have must-haves, bring them with you. For the freshest catch go to Wanchese:

        1. Tommy's Market is on your way to Corolla.