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Apr 12, 2011 09:40 AM

Best Fish in Downtown Area

Staying at the Heathman. Need an upscale fishplace with NW cuisine nearby. Will be getting in after 6 hours on a plane so don't want to venture out far. One of the diners is allergic to sesame and tree nuts so places like Asian or sushi not safe. Is Soutpark Seafood good?

If not specifically fish then how about an Italian in the downtown area. Again must be upscale with
the kitchen being savy about ingredients.

Thanks everyone

Already made reservations at the Heathman Restaurant so don't suggest that one, unless you have gripes.

The Heathman Restaurant
1001 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205

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  1. We recently had the halibut at The Heathman, it was outstanding! Down by the waterfront is Harborside,, we had a very good meal there, also. All of the fish is very fresh and you will have pretty views of the river and excellent, attentive service. :)

    The Heathman Restaurant
    1001 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205

    1. Beaker & Flask usually has a fish prep or two(so long as you include shellfish and mollusks in that definition)and is top notch for dining and drinks in PDX

      H50 might fit the bill for upscale and inventive food.

      Generally the food that is downtown(SW) in the hotel district(where you will be)is hard to least with your limitations. Lastly, Urban Farmer at the Nines Hotel might fit your parties needs as well. Good luck!

      Urban Farmer
      525 SW Morrison St., Portland, OR 97204

      1. This may be too late for you, but I'm just back (in NJ) from one of my frequent trips to Portland, and I always stop at Higgin's for a fish/seafood dinner while I'm there. I had the razor clams this week, but chinook salmon was also being offered. Both of those were specials ... in addition to the usual shellfish and fish on the daily menu.

        And it's all of 3 blocks from the Heathman...

        1239 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205