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Turning 50: need comfort through stellar food.

Hi Hounds,

Yes, I am coming up on the half-a-century mark in early June. The hubby and I want a nice, possibly atmospheric dinner and are willing to drive up to two hours from Adelphi/Hyattsville. Loves: seafood, locally-produced anything, a view . . . any thoughts?

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  1. I've heard really nice things about Trummer's on Main, which would make for a nice day-trip.

    1. How about Baltimore? Charleston in Fells Point has stellar food, nice atmosphere...great for a 50th!

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        Yes, indeed. Some good music at the Cat's Eye and a room at the Admiral Fell Inn to round out the weekend. That'll make you forget all about being old. Works for me every time.

      2. I celebrated my 50th in the tasting room at Restaurant Eve. It was fantastic!

        Restaurant Eve
        110 South Pitt Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

        1. All great suggestions above. I would add: Corduroy in DC for great seafood. Blacksalt again for great seafood. Or perhaps a drive to Annapolis to eat crab at Cantler's or at O'Leary's in Eastport Annapolis. Although it doesn't have as good of a view as Carrol's Creek.

          Carrol's Creek Cafe
          410 Severn Ave., Annapolis, MD 21403

          1. I've never actually been, but Patowmack Farms sounds like exactly what you're asking for, locally produced and atmospheric.

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              My dear family treated me to dinner at Patowmack Farm for my 50th b-day last year (ok, it still ended up on my Amex bill, but the thought was what counts, right? LOL). It was very nice and an excellent choice for a special occasion. The views are spectacular, too.

            2. The Inn at Little Washington, not sure if in your two hour window.

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                If you make the effort and commit to the expense of eating at IaLW, when you're about to be seated, be sure to ask if Sophie is going to be your wait person. We had a meal there negatively affected by her surly and unprofessional behavior. The thread titled "Inn at Little Washington" includes posts by other people who specifically mention Sophie's behavior.

                Except for the view, Marcel's certainly would fit your requirements for an amazing experience. Most posters consider Marcel's to have best -- and most reliable -- intersection of food and service. (DC)

                If you request a table by the glass wall, the view into the landscaping around 2941 (Falls Church) is very soothing. In fact, the landscaping will comfort you from the moment you drive into the park land and walk aross the koi pond into the restaurant. I love their food. Just when I think the menu is filled with the standards of Modern American cuisine, the chef blows me away with something fascinating and delicious. Incidentally, order any pasta dish. I don't know where the chef learned his pasta skills, but many a Italian restaurant should do so well.

              2. I'd highly recommend The Ashby Inn in Paris, VA. It's a lovely, historic property with excellent food, wine and service. There is no 'view' per se from the dining room, but it is nestled in the foothills of rural Virginia. There is a very nice outdoor patio, which in early June may be an option. You can spend the night in one of their nicely appointed guestrooms -- we especially love the Glascock Room in the Schoolhouse building -- it has a large balcony with beautiful views of the Inn's grounds and the surrounding countryside. Breakfast is delightful. It takes us no more than 90 minutes to reach the Inn from our home in Rockville.