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Apr 12, 2011 08:23 AM

PastaCo Frozen pasta dishes: Experience? has a deal today for a few different PastaCo entrees and pasta dishes. I am wondering if anyone has tried their product, and what did you think?

In particular , I wanted to know about the lasagna and the pumpkin ravioli.

If you have tried it, and its great, would love to hear


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  1. Pastaco frozen lasagna and pumpkin ravioli are good products I've tried both but the lasagna and sweet potato agnolotti at Bolongna Pastifico on Dufferin at Glencairn is the best and I prefer to Pastaco In fact everything I've eaten from there is amazing cash or cheque only Miranada

    1. I eat mostly gluten-free and their pastas and lasagnas are terrific! Their naturally raised meat lasagna is a real treat!