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Apr 12, 2011 07:49 AM

Need a recipe for sharp cheddar

I have a BIG bag of sharp cheddar cheese I need to use up. Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Macaroni and cheese? Martha Stewart has a pretty good recipe and it freezes well.
    I also tend to make quesdaillas a lot. My toddler loves them for lunch and they are quick to make when you are very hungry.
    You can also make Welsh Rarebit...found the recipe here, on CH.
    I have a very tasty recipe for some crackers from Epicurious...Poppy Cheddar Moon Crakcers.

    Good luck!
    I also make a delicious Cheddar, Corn and Potato Chowder that I got from a Whole Foods flyer a few years ago.

    1. OMG..mac and cheese, nachos, burrito, quessidilla, etc. toppings; green salads; cheddar and ale soup; cheesy cream of broccoli soup, put it in bechamel with a little white wine, parsley and top salmon or white fish before baking; omelets; cheesy potatoes. I've made lasagna before using some shredded cheddar. Some people put it on pizza too.

      1. There are many many uses for cheddar, from the aforementioned mac and cheese, soup and crackers, to topping just about any casserole, veggie dish, sauce, taco and my favorite midnight snack, quesadillas; stuff chicken breasts with it, use it in biscuits or quickbreads, in egg dishes, savory backing, waffles, popovers, muffins; on and on and on. You will have no problem using this cheese up. It keep well wrapped, and if it's a block of cheese and develops exterior mold, just cut it away.

        If your cheese is shredded or grated, it can be frozen. If not shredded, and you feel you'll use it in the shredded form, do so and freeze for future use.

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          You can freeze block cheese too, my mom did it all the time. It's maybe a little diminished in texture on thawing but not much at all. (If something wasn't tied down my mom would freeze it.)

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            Yes, agreed, but it does tend to crumble a bit, and it's not ever good for that cheese tray. I was trying to ascertain what form the OP's cheese was in. I assume grated, as the OP mentioned "bag." I "think" the success or not of freezing cheese may have to do with the butterfat content, not sure on that one, though. Maybe Delucacheesemonger will see this and care to comment.

            Funny how our mom's froze everything, that was such a big deal in them days. My parents bought a huge (to me) chest freezer when I was 5, back you know when, it was always full.

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              Ours too, it was massive. One of the horizontal ones. And you could never find a dang thing in it.

        2. Looking back it kinda seems like a dumb question! I really needed some inspiration though, so THANKS! I think I have a plan now to use it up over the next 2-3 days from your ideas. We may all gain 5 pounds but it will be delicious doing it!

          1. I love love love this recipe for cheddar gougeres. There are many more recipes online for making these but they are super good, and I often serve them as an accompaniment to a broth based soup rather than as an appetizer. You can easily sub in other cheeses, and this is a good use for pre-shredded cheese if that's what you have. I didn't bother with pricking the rolls with a skewer as the recipe says, but it will help release steam and change the texture of the interiors.


            Another thing that I love is cheese straws. This is a recipe from Paula Deen, but again, I'm sure there are many other recipes out there if you want to look around. It also calls for shredded cheddar. I will warn you that it can be kinda difficult to pass the dough through a cookie press---it is STIFF! You could also roll the dough into logs and slice into coins.


            The cheese straws will keep for a little while (can't say for how long because they always get eaten almost immediately at my house!) whereas the gougeres won't. You need to eat the gougeres pretty soon after they come out of the oven. They are ok the next day when toasted up in the toaster oven or just eaten as is...but it's not the same.

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