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Apr 12, 2011 07:43 AM

Top Chef Masters: I miss that little imp and her whimsical hats!

I want Gael Greene back!!

RR just doesn't do it for me, so far at least. Oseland is becomeing more insufferable.

Curtis is a tool.

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    1. re: chefhound

      Amen, he might actually make this season watchable.

      1. re: chefhound

        Ditto missing Jay Rayner. I don't mind having Ruth Reichl there, but I really really REALLY detest Oseland. And next week they seem to show him driving up to a drive-through window?

        Yeah. Like that would ever happen. :-)

        1. re: chefhound

          More Rayner (yes, yes!) and a lot less Oseland.

        2. I really enjoyed Gael's turn on TCM. She is one kicky lady. You might like her autobiography, "Insatiable."

          I do like Ruth Reichl but I'm glad she doesn't speak like she writes. Oseland doesn't bother me generally, but he does have his holier-than-thou moments.

          And Curtis is a tool, indeed; or at least his New Judge Persona is a tool.

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          1. re: mamachef

            I actually like Oesland and Reichl... have to agree with the consensus on Stone though.

            1. re: rozz01

              I think i agree with you rozz, on all 3 counts .... tho i do like Gael Greene. She's quite a character. I read that autobiography, Mamachef - she was quite the stud in her day - in and out of the kitchen (quite the little strumpet! and i mean that in the nicest way.)

            2. re: mamachef

              ooh, mamachef, i love ruth reichl's books...

              1. re: mamachef

                It's a little hard to get past the Ken doll aspect...

              2. Having paid little attention to "famous" food critics before they appear as judges on TV, Jay Rayner was one of the better food critics I've seen. I've read a lot about how tough/influential Ruth Reichl is but being on the West Coast have never bothered to read one of her reviews. She seems to be fine for the show.

                For the most part food critics on TV are more about personality and how they come across on camera, and I've noticed that almost every food critic/writer has at least one annoying quality about them. James Oselund seems like the polar opposite of say, Jeffrey Steingarten in personality, but I wouldn't mind either one on the show. Jay Rayner seems to be the most even-keeled critic that would appeal to the broadest audience The one writer/judge that drives me up the wall is Andrew Knowlton. Every time he opens his mouth I want the camera to cut him off.

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                1. re: Bunson

                  < I've read a lot about how tough/influential Ruth Reichl is but being on the West Coast have never bothered to read one of her reviews.>

                  Interesting. Where on the West Coast are you? Reichl reviewed for the LA Times before she came to New York.

                  I also prefer Gael Greene.

                  1. re: ChefJune

                    When Reichl lived in Berkely at the very inception of the food revolution here, she also reviewed for New West magazine.

                2. I love Jeffrey Steingarten. Even more after he winked at me at La Bonne Soupe.

                  But still that little Gael was a special gal.

                  I hate rr for ruining Gourmet, but have enjoyed her books. Maybe she should judge in costume.

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                  1. re: C. Hamster

                    Steingarten would be wonderful too!! So many good folks to choose from and they pick those three - why??? I really want to see how some of the chefs do this season, but I just cannot watch another episode of Oseland and Curtis. I'd happy take Kelly Choi back after those two.

                  2. The only way I'd miss Jay Rayner is if he spent $15 to get a decent haircut.