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Apr 12, 2011 07:41 AM

Mercer knives. Any thoughts

Has anyone ever heard of, or used, Mercer knives? Thinking about the below:


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  1. Nothing special about those knives in that kit. Just about the same as Dexter. Mercer is sold alot in CIA schools. Which that kit looks like.They are ok quality.

    1. I have some of the Mercer knives in my school kit - the 2 slicers and the boning knife pictured there. It looks like most of those are the stamped Millenium line, but the chef's knife and the paring knife are from their heavier, forged line (can't remember the name). I've only had the chance to use the Milleniums, but I like them - lightweight, take a decent edge, etc. Good, inexpensive knives.

      1. I have a mixed set of Mercer knives. The most important knives (8 and 10 inch chef's and the paring ) are the forged Genesis series. The rest are the stamped Millenia series.They are all made of German steel and are very sharp and tend to stay that way. The handles are comfortable, the balance is good and they fit me very well. I can't believe knives of this quality sell for what they do. They are truly professional grade and are used by culinary schools and professional chefs. They may not be a household name but they can certainly hold a candle to the likes to Wustof, Henkels, Shun etc.

        1. This is what I can tell you about Mercer. Pound for pound, or in this case, dollar for dollar, these are the best knives you could buy when EVERYTHING is considered. Let me put it to you this way. They are not as strong as a SHUN, but they are more then strong enough. If it takes a 10 to destroy a SHUN, its a 8 to destroy MERCER. The issue is, unless you are planning on a mid evil filed battle, or are going to run your knives over with an urban assault vehicle, you are never going to hit anywhere near an 8, let alone a 10. So there is no need for the extra strength. Yes a SHUN, or one of the other well known brands, hold an extremely sharp edge you can cut paper with. However, I don't know about you, but I try not to cut paper with my knives. Also keep in mind, there is a reason MERCER is used in 90% of all culinary schools. They are more than sharp enough, and can withstand the constant use, cutting, and chopping. By people who are just learning to do so mind you. I bought a SHUN for no reason other then that's what I thought I was supposed to do as a chef. Kind of that newbie excitement thing. I paid more for that ONE knife then I did for the WHOLE Mercer kit, and honestly there is no difference AT ALL so long as you take care of your knives. Keep the knife steeled, and sharpen it once every month to two months (which I find relaxing anyway) and I would buy Mercer over SHUN any day of the week, take the extra money I saved by NOT buying SHUN, and take the family on vacation. ( Little exaggeration about amount you save)