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Apr 12, 2011 07:39 AM

Advice on choices in Barcelona

Here are the places we are considering. Any feedback is appreciated

Passadis del Pep versus Rías de Galicia
Alkimia versus Gaig
Drolma Versus Lasarte versus Cinq Sentitis
Cal Pep versus Comerc24
Where are we missing

We are going to El Can de la Roca one night in Girona

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  1. The places on your list are good. All have been covered extensive on this board and to what their ambience, food, price are like. It all comes down to what you are looking for in a restaurant. Can't tell what "versus" mean unless it applies to a soccer match.

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      Just choices I am looking at. i have not seen much on the board on Drolma, Lasarte, Rias or comerc24, so was looking for more input

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        Drolma is probably the most conservative modern Catalan restaurant in Barcelona. Though his food is Catalan, his technique is more French with rich strong sauces, exact cooking, fully realized plates. His ingredients are top notch. The dining room is beautifully appointed with more formal service. This is fine dining for Barcelona.
        Lasarte is Michelin 3 star chef Martin Berasategui's outpost in Barcelona. I've have not eaten there though I have been to his restaurant in the Basque. A Barcelona friend ate there recently and really like it.
        Cinc Sentits is in a different category; family run, less formal, less designer, less ambitious, less flourish, less expensive. It is still very good but one does come away with a total different experience as the two above.
        Rias de Galicia is probably the best seafood restaurant in Barcelona. The best, freshest seafood and also some of the rarest. It gets very expensive if one goes for some of their rare items. Go for the simpler preparation and this is not the place to hold back on the budget. The ambience is comfortable but basic, same with the service.
        I would type Comerc24 on the search on top of this board. The numerous posts will give a really good description. Also for any of the above.

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          Thanks very much. Very helpful