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Apr 12, 2011 07:33 AM

Restaurants en route from Washington, DC area to Northern Neck, Virginia

I'm looking for restaurant, diner, cafe, etc. recommendations that would be near or on the route from the DC area to the Northern Neck, Virginia area. We're staying in Mathews County, VA and towns along the way include: Fredericksburg, Port Royal, Tappahannock, and Urbana. We'll also be close to Yorktown, Williamsburg, Kilmarnok and Irvington.

I know nothing about this area but would be excited to visit local hidden gems! Any cuisine, any style.

Thanks for any and all ideas DC/VA weekend-travelers might have!

Port Royal Restaurant
2403 Bel Air Rd, Fallston, MD 21047

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  1. Well there is Dixie Bones off the 95 portion of the trip. It isn't bad. I haven't yet found anything I really liked in Fredericksburg, except Chic-fil-a. We tried the BBQ place there and it was terrible despite a good past reputation.

    In Irvington, I love Trick Dog, good food, nice cocktails. Also there is some great food at the Farmer's Market if it is open, not sure this time of year. Also White Fences sometimes has pretty cool wine dinners. There is a regular breakfast joint in downtown Kilmarnock that has normal breakfast which isn't too bad. I haven't eaten at the Kilmarnock Inn but my Dad had said it was good. I have also never eaten at the Tides.

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      im not sure when you were last in the northern neck. but white fences isnt really operational.i think their last weekend of being open was.. last weekend? and now their wine sales are all online. also, i would skip the trick dog. skip the tides, too.
      if youre over near urbanna, definitely check out something different. they have great bbq and smoked salmon. they make their own bread for their sandwiches, etc. http://www.pine3.info/
      cafe mojo is a dive bar type place, they sometimes have good food. depends on what you order. http://www.cafe-mojo.com/
      in port royal, hornes is sort of a cool stop for a classic diner type thing. 24 hour breakfast and all that jazz. http://www.hornes.com/restaurant.html
      in kilmarnock, i always thought that the carwash cafe did good breakfast, but ive been dissappointed the past couple times, but it may be worth a shot for their fluffy omelettes or blueberrypancakes. carried away cuisine http://www.carriedawaycuisine.com/Our... does some good take away soups and veg salads if youre looking for something to eat on a boat or for a picnic.
      fredericksburg...paul's bakery does great doughnuts....there's a little restaurant called foode http://www.paulsbakery.net/PB/Contest... that is great,from what ive tried. allman's bbq is cool- more for the nostalgia factor than mind blowing bbq. http://www.allmansbarbeque.com/
      in gloucester, va- not too far from mathew's- tere's a homemade icecream place called shortlane.. http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/314/13039... theres a little coffee shop called wild rabbit which has some good little paninis and coffee and that sort of thing. http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant...
      and also, theres a pretty good seafood shop over in deltaville. i cant remember the name. it is shad roe season, almost sugar toad season and definitely blue crab season. also, look out for rockfish and flounder... etc. any seafood place you go to.. whether it be cocomo's or whatever, ask for something local and fresh and simply prepared. for whatever reason people around here love crappy prefab food and au jus made from powdered mixes. ugh.
      also, check out your local farmers market while youre here, too. if you have access to a kitchen.

      i actually live over in northumberland, so kind of on the opposite side of the northern neck from where you are, so here are some places ive never tried but have heard are good from reputable sources over in mathews: http://www.southwindcafe.net/ southwind cafe, seabreeze http://www.visitmathews.com/RESTAURAN..., and i went to toby's in deltaville a long time ago, which i remember being fun and quite food, but as i said.. that was awhile ago.

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        In addition there is a restaurant in Pope's Creek that opened a few months, Pope's Creek Waterfront. It is on the same road as Captain Billy's, but the food is 200 percent better. This is not a typical Southern Maryland crabhouse but more of an upscale seafood restaurant. (Note: Prices are reasonable.) The restaurant is on the water with a fantastic view. They also have live music on Saturday nights. Have been there six times since they opened and everything is great. The lobster mac n cheese with sundried tomatoes and spinach is rich, but fantastic. Seafood club also good. They have hand cut french fries as well. Crab cakes -- excellent, much better than Captain Billy's. They also make a specialty drink that is local to the area called an orange crush. Fresh OJ, Vodka, peach schnapps or triple sec. Very yummy. Can't say enough about how great this place is.

      2. Also check out roadfood.com and the forums on the site. Lots of great information there (though it can be a bit laborious to comb through).

        1. If you're reaching the Northern Neck via Rt. 301, you have several seafood options - Captain Billy's and Robertson's down at Pope's Creek. Both are crab houses on the water that also have full seafood menus. Also about a 15 minute drive off Rt. 301 is Captain John's down at Cobb Island - again, crabs and seafood menu.

          Right on Rt. 301 near La Plata is Johnny Boy's Ribs. Dine outside on picnic tables - pretty decent ribs and a fine barbecue sauce for dipping.

          Throughout Charles County, MD, travelling Rt. 301 to the Northern Neck, seafood and barbecue are good options.

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            Perhaps not exceptional food, but old down-home : Lowery's in tappahanock. A mixed bag of fried seafood and meat and three. Fried quail.