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Greer,SC Dinner Rec's

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Looking for moderate priced dinner in Greer or area near GSP open on Monday

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  1. I like Sweet Basil Thai at the intersection of 14 and Pelham, not too far from GSP. Also Bangok Thai at 1440 Pelham is good. I've had some friends like Coal Fired Bistro in the same area as Sweet Basil, but I've not been.

    Sweet Basils (Closed)
    620 Dolley Madison Rd, Greensboro, NC 27410

    1. Bin 112 downtown is great. Casual place with fine dining food. Good wine list and great service.

      Two Chefs at Hwy 14 and Pelham rd is awesome but not really IN Greer but it is near GSP.

      I would be a regular at Bin 112 if I was closer it is just some great food and nice people.

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        ARGH, I hate those automatic restaurant posts. The address of Sweet Basil is 8590 Pelham, Greenville. It is a couple doors down from Two Chefs. Both are in Greenville, but only 3 miles from GSP. However, the Two Chefs location at Pelham is more of a lunch place, or carry home dinner place, than a regular dinner restaurant, but it is good.
        Bin 112 is fantastic, and is only about 5 miles from the airport.

        Sweet Basils (Closed)
        620 Dolley Madison Rd, Greensboro, NC 27410

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          What do you mean automatic restaurant post?

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            Sometimes a restaurant link will automatically show up on your post.