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Apr 12, 2011 05:14 AM

no Basmati rice at Assi Market

Dh stopped by Assi last night to pick up our usual 20lb bag of rice. we alternate between basmati and jasmine depending really on which he grabs first. <grin> he came home with jasmine, saying that there was absolutely no basmati to be had in the store just signs saying it's out of stock.

Have you seen this at other markets? Did I miss some rice growing crisis or is this just a one off situation. (I'm not sure how the crisis in Japan has affected rice production)

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  1. Wouldn't be because of Japan but high food prices worldwide. Some countries have export bans on staple crops to protect their people from high prices. I thought all Basmati rice came from India though? They actually had a ban on wheat exports for a while but I thought specifically not on Basmati rice. But maybe rice export bans in other countries are affecting supplies. Of course all of this just pushes food prices even higher.

    1. Assi out of rice? (Thinking hard of humorous analogy but not coming up with one.)

      If having a basmati attack, my local Indian grocery New Shree Ambe Grocery in Eagleville (at intersection of Ridge Pike and Park Ave.) has plenty of bulk bags.

      No world wide basmati crisis that I know of.

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        While you're at it, stop in nearby at The Dosa Hut for the BEST south Indian food in the area, maybe the state ! We drive 40 minutes when the craving for a masala dosa overpowers us. It's so cheap, the ridiculous price of gas is offset !

      2. Basmati is grown in the Himalayas and Pakistan, so nothing in Japan would affect it. I'm surprised that Assi carries it, since it isn't generally used in asian cuisines. I get smaller bags at Trader Joe's because we don't use it that much. I've also seen the giant sacs of it at Costco. I haven't seen signs of any shortage.

        Edited to add - I know that India counts as asian, but I meant that basmati isn't used in Korean/Japanese/Chinese/Vitenamese etc. It is mostly used in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking.

        1. I could be wrong but I believe I've seen the BIG bags at Patel's on route 309

          Hungry, Assi has a few products that are geared toward Indian and middle eastern cooking

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            Good to know. I usually shop at the H-Mart in Elkins Park because it's closer to me, and they don't have Indian and Middle Eastern stuff (though they do have Mexican/Puerto Rican stuff). I'll have to check out Assi one of these days.

          2. just bought a big sack from wegmans @ $2/lb. probably overpriced, but convenient while doing weekly shopping.....

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              If it helps, Costco usually has several different sized bags of Basmati rice.