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Apr 11, 2011 10:52 PM

North Miami Beach

Best places to eat in the area? Last minute trip for a few days before Pesach! Thanks:-)

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  1. Thai Treat in NMB is awesome!
    Authentic Thai and Indian and very reasonable lunch specials.
    And they have Thai and Indian beer.
    Not to be missed.
    Also Serendipity Frozen Yogurt in Surfside is said by some to have the best frozen yogurt in the country.

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    1. Just to add on - only places that are Chalav Yisrael and have a great Hechsher.

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      1. re: singingfoodie

        the place that replaced Sara's on 123rd st is pretty good too. Don't remember the name and I don't remember if they are cholov Yisroel

        1. re: berel

          Omg Sara's closed down? Heartbroke! Was looking forward to taking my hubby for the first time!

          1. re: singingfoodie

            There's a fabulous newish ice cream shop just off Lincoln Road called Frieze. Not all flavors are CY.

            1. re: DeisCane

              FYI to SINGLEFOODIE,
              The Frieze, though very good, is not Chalav Yisrael, as you requested.
              Serendipity, however, is.

              1. re: Beaconstreet

                Some of the flavors are CY, iirc. I believe all soft serve is CY, for example.

                1. re: Beaconstreet

                  I'm not single buddy :-) thanks for the info.

              2. re: singingfoodie

                the dairy/vegetarian place that too over Sara's is very good too.

                Sorry the Shmapaburger is no longer

                1. re: singingfoodie

                  There is another location of Sara's in Hollywood Florida (along with about 15 other kosher restaurants, the worst of which is still pretty OK!)

              3. Rare Steakhouse is well worth a trip. Mmm.

                1. Change of plans! We didn't go and will go after Pesach iY"H...perhaps to LA! Suggestions?

                    1. re: singingfoodie

                      There are a few threads on LA on the board. Just search.