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Apr 11, 2011 10:41 PM

Fortieth birthday dinner, need really tasty, unusual and unstuffy in PB county.

My boyfriend's 40th is around the corner. I'd love to take him somewhere different and amazing to surprise him. Doesn't have to be schmancy, just delicious. He has no restrictions or squeamishness about any food. He's game for anything that's yummy.

I was considering Little Moir's, just because I'd read such good reviews. But any wacky ideas are welcome. Thank you guys!

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  1. many of us would recommend Bamboo Fire in Delray.

    1. Little Moir's Leftover's would not be unusual but would be somewhat unique in their creations. I would say Leftover's is a slam dunk for best creative seafood in a casual atmosphere. Bamboo Fire would work as well.

      Unusual - I have never been to Kubo Asiatic in NPB but I can say I have never had 50% of the ingredients on this menu. Small portions and artistic presentations. You said 'No Restrictions'......


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        We love Kubo. It's amazing. Really unusual upscale food in a pretty laid back, funky atmosphere. The one dish with tea infused salmon with yuzu gelee and fried basil is one of the best things vie ever tasted. Ever. Go there. You'll love it.

      2. Go to Kubo. Roy Villacrusis is cooking some of most inventive and exciting food in South Florida. And it's very unpretentious and not very expensive. Bamboo Fire is decent. Its owners are very sweet. But c'mon, people, it's not that good.