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Apr 11, 2011 10:27 PM

Coffee Yogurt in Calgary

Hello, we moved here from the East and miss Coffee Yogurt. I have asked stores to bring it in, to no avail. Astro tells me they make a cappuccino flavoured yogurt but I can't find it anywhere. Has anyone seen it anywhere in Calgary?

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  1. Liberte makes a mocha version and I've seen it at Safeway.

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    1. re: Office Broccoli

      Liberte's Cafe Latte yogurt is amazing. I've bought it at Planet Organic in the past.

      1. re: Office Broccoli

        Another nod for Liberte! We get ours at Co-op.

        1. re: Office Broccoli

          Thanks for all your answers! Liberte is sometimes hard to find i.e. not always in stock and quite expensive when it is. Has anyone come across Astro Cappuccino in Calgary ever?

        2. The Liberte Mokka is really good I agree. And as far as I know Liberte is the only one with coffee flavour.

          1. I've picked up the Liberte mocha at Sobeys in mid-size containers (500ml?), and in larger containers at Superstore (750 ml?) in their natural foods aisle.

            1. Olympic has a cafe latte flavour in their Krema line. I've seen it at Blush Lane in Aspen.

              1. I get the Danone brand and the latest pack of yogurt has Caffe LatteYogurt. Delicious! Not only is it good, it uses Splenda in their yogurt which I like.