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Apr 11, 2011 08:58 PM

Roadtrip Chicago to Springfield

Any suggestions for good places to eat along the drive between Chicago and Springfield??

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  1. You'll find some suggestions en route in this discussion:

    You'll also find suggestions for Springfield itself in these discussions:

    1. *Little Saigon does very good Vietnamese and Thai.
      *Mekong Cafe for lunch during the week; actual Laotian food from an actual Laotian.
      *Coz's for Pizza.
      *Luca has good NY style slices.
      *Like the links from nxstasy mention, D'Arcy is the place for a horseshoe (ask for Karen, tell her Chris sent you).
      *Fat Willy's in Chatham does a mean Burger and has decent specials from time to time, classic small town 'dive' bar. Stag bottles!!
      *Ross Isaac is probably my favorite 'fine dining' spot these days...very dependable.
      *Love the HOT basil chicken at Taste of Thai on Dirksen...ask for chopped peanuts.

      Need extra help/details just ask...