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Apr 11, 2011 08:55 PM

i need pots and pans

I am looking for recommendations on cookware. I currently have the Rachel Ray orange set that was a gift and it is awful;!!!! I have a gas stove and I want cookware that will not burn on the bottoms and is also a nonstick type of pot. Please send me your thoughts...


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  1. You really ought to look at Tramontina tri-clad. I just absolutely love it! From Walmart-oh yeah, but also e-bay, amazon, etc. Just so superior to everything else but AC, but you don't go broke in the process! Some 'mismatch' task specific are probably in order too, but for a central set, check it out. See the review at Cooks Illustrated. And don't forget the Barkeepers Friend

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      Can I talk you out of nonstick? It’s never going to give you the heat your after. I think you should be looking at a combination of, Aluminum, Cast Iron or Stainless Steel. You can throw in a well made nonstick for eggs and such if you like. These materials are what 98% of all restaurants use.

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        I second this.. I have 2 non-stick pans - a sauce pan I pretty much just use for rice and a big skillet I got at Homegoods for things like eggs. Otherwise, for most cooking that matters, I use SS. I second the rec for the Tramontina line Wal-Mart carries - great value, especially if you are looking to up your cooking toolset as a newer chef.

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          I'm not a fan of non-stick either. Use for eggs etc., but not for general cooking. The Tramontina I have is the tri-clad, which is a SS/Aluminum sandwich construction. Really looks and cleans great and heats evenly to cook like a dream. One thing I learned, which I undoubtedly should have known before, is to cook at a lower temperature. It just wasn't possible with my old 'classic' RevereWare. I just love cooking with the T!

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          I have the Tramontina from Walmart too and am very happy with it.

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            I don't think I actually got any at Walmart. I got the eight piece set on e-Bay and have filled with other pieces there and on amazon. Careful! I'm a 'TRUE BELIEVER'.

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            I hate, hate, hate the Walmart Tramontina I bought (for a rental prop we later sold, so the cookware came back to me) gives off a toxic smell, and that is after being used and washed many times. I'm glad other people have had good experiences, but let me say that the quality must not be consistent between manufacturing runs. And it is stainless, not coated. My higher quality waterless cookware, from my mom, still looks great and works great after 40 there is something to be said for investing in quality pieces.

            I'm looking forward to hearing reviews of Ceramcor's Xtrema that Debra Lynn Dadd recommends. It is supposedly a fairly low-stick cooking surface. Reviews, anyone?

            In any case, I suggest you not get a "set." I don't love the toxic nature of nonstick cookware, but I keep a nonstick "egg pan" for my MIL's visits. You'll want to think about what you like to cook and how you like to cook and go from there. If it is all about convenience and you want nonstick, just get one or two of those while you figure out what you want, and add as you go.

            I use a mix of stainless and enameled cast iron (Staub) for stovetop. There is an annoying long thread on whether a enameled pot like Staub can be "seasoned" to a low-stick surface, but my personal experience is that it can and does behave like a low-stick surface, and is easy-peasy to soak things so that they wipe off in a jiff. My stainless is more trouble to clean than my Staub. If you've never cooked with heavy cookware, though, the weight of Staub or Le Creuset could be a surprise.

          3. The tramontina 11pc looks like a heck of a deal. Another good choice is Cuisinart Multiclad Pro stainless. If you have plenty of $$$, Go w Mauviel stainless. As far as the nonstick well you're on your own. Have fun!

            1. Like everyone have said thus far. The Tramontina offers a good value set (good quality and low price). You will able to get better, but you will have to pay much more. The more traditional Tramontina stainless steel series is stainless steel cladded with aluminum core, like this:


              However, I recently found out that Tramonntina offers a mix set with nonstick skillet, a bare cast skillet and an enameled cast iron casserole (which looks like a Dutch Oven



              1. I take it your main is sppearance, not performance. I'd suggest all-black cookware. S taub makes such, I know.

                1. I would make the suggestion to not spend good money on a set of cookware, but rather buy stuff as you need them, and they prove useful to you. For example in a typical set of cookware of skillets, saucepans and stockpots - some items might simply not get used because of the type of cooking that you do, and who you cook for. For example one could have several skillets of different types - non-stick, cast iron, stainless-steel, etc and switch off from one to the other depending upon the meals and needs at the time. If you happen to cook small items for just two persons regularly (for example) collections of large stock pots and large saucepans might not be needed - while more smaller saucepans might be more of a fit. Do you bake a lot of casseroles or oven dishes? If so, your cookware might include many of those pieces. I'm just suggesting that you let your "cooking life" be your guide to the cookware that you buy. There are very few very wrong choices in this area - and one can always buy something that they need in many places that are not very expensive. What works is what works for you! Mike