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Apr 11, 2011 07:40 PM

Palace Dumpling--Delicious and inexpensive (Wappingers Falls)

I was happy to see that Palace Dumpling was finally open today after noticing their sign a few weeks ago. It's located in the mini mall between Hoe Bowl and the gas station (Mobil, I think). I think Party City used to be located there in that mini mall.

The decor is sparse to say the least, with a few Chinese decorations here and there...but the menu...the menu!

The dumplings are homemade and very reasonably priced. Depending on the filling, you get a dozen dumplings (the size of gyoza, not har gow) for as little as $5.99. The most expensive dumplings on the menu are the fish w/pork and the fish w/chive versions at $10.99.

They don't have a website, but here are their offerings:

Dumplings (all steamed...fried for a dollar extra):
pork w/cabbage
pork w/chive
pork w/watercress
pork w/scallion
pork w/mushroom
pork w/celery
egg w/chive
egg w/zucchini
egg w/mushroom and onion
chicken or turkey w/cabbage
chicken or turkey w/onion
beef w/onion
beef w/carrots
beef w/watercress
beef w/mushroom
lamb w/onion
lamb w/squash
lamb w/mushroom
lamb w/watercress
pork w/three delicious seafood
shrimp w/cucumber and egg
fish w/pork
fish w/chive

Soups: egg drop soup, hot and sour soup, meatball w/cabbage soup, meatball w/tofu soup
Salads: sweet pepper w/pork, spicy pepper bean curd stick, agai vegetables w/horseradish soures, flavor salad, peking syle vegetables, horseradish cucumber, flavor green beans sheets, flavor shredded potato w/cheese
Noodle dishes: noodle with gravy (your choice of three sauces: egg and tomato; green pepper, eggplant, and pork; and spicy radish, onion w/pork), spicy noodles, lo mein, beef noodle

I didn't see any desserts on the takeout menu.

I bought a dozen pork and chive dumplings and a dozen beef and onion dumplings for about $13. They were prepared in about 15-20 minutes, steaming hot and delicious. The dipping sauce tasted a little like soy sauce with some vinegar. It was great. My husband and I really enjoyed these dishes.

Even though Palace Dumpling has only been open for a few days, it was fairly busy. There were about four other people waiting for takeout orders and two tables of people eating in. I'm really hoping this place does well. With Palace Dumpling in Wappingers and Formosa Cuisine in Poughkeepsie, I'm pretty happy with the direction Chinese cuisine is going in here in the mid-Hudson Valley.

Palace Dumpling
open Monday-Wednesday from 11-9:30; Thursday-Saturday from 11-10; Sunday from 11-9
1671 Rt. 9, Suite #1, Wappingers Falls

Formosa Cuisine
11 Marist Drive, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

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  1. Thanks for the report! I've been seeing that "Dumplings!" sign for awhile now, but haven't investigated it yet.

    1. Do they also sell them frozen? great write up btw.

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      1. re: cubanat

        Unfortunately, no. But, if you're ever in Englewood, NJ, you should definitely try Best Dumpling. Their frozen dumplings are excellent.


      2. I tried this place over the weekend. I got an order of pork and scallion dumplings and an order of beef and onion dumplings. They were very good. I liked the pork and scallion better, but maybe that's because that's what I've been used to in terms of Chinese dumpling fillings. The dipping sauce was great, very tangy. The skin of the dumpling was great, freshly made and not too thick and pasty like many other takeout Chinese dumplings. The people working there were very friendly. I was pleased to see that at 4 pm on a Saturday, not a prime eating time, there were 2 people eating in and another person waiting for takeout besides me.

        1. This place is astonishingly good by any standard. The dumplings, both steamed and fried, are all top-notch fare. It simply goes to your personal taste as to which is best. There are no bad choices. The noodles are plain, not oversaurced. The salads are a little more hit and miss. Nothing bad, just perhaps not to U.S. tastes for some. A standout: the flavor shredded potato and cheese dish. It's studded with cilantro and stays crisp even though bathed in Chinese vinegar. Absolutely addictive.

          Prices are quite low, portions are large and there's something to remembre: This is actual, genuine Chinese food. In other words, food eaten every day by Chinese people, in this case in the north. No Americanized versions of things here.

          1. This place is amazing!!! So authentic that I'd never even heard of some of their dishes, let alone eaten them before. And if you doubt my love or knowledge of Chinese food, here's a window into my madness: I rode my motorcycle more than 300 miles (one way, half of it in the rain) over Memorial Day weekend to have a try. Would I do it again? Plans for later this summer are already in the works.

            Go. Now. Before everybody finds out about it.