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Any Mainers know of someplace good to eat in Central Maine? (Kennebec)

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Or has anyone out there traveled to the Kennebec region and found anything to recommend?

Kennebec Cafe
166 Main St, Fairfield, ME 04937

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  1. Not sure what you mean by "Kennebec region". Where are you headed?

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      Not headed anywhere, live here, but realized other hounds might be able to suggest good eats in this area instead of traveling an hour or more each way to access such. By "Kennebec Region" I mean Central Maine, and more specifically, towns located along the Kennebec River such as Gardiner, Augusta, and Waterville, disincluding Bangor to the North and Brunswick to the South.

      I know there are local favorites, but the Freedom Cafe was the only one I was truly thoroughly impressed with of all I have tried, and it has closed, because the owners wanted to move on and do something somewhere else.

      Certain other places really were great, but they seem to be the ones that open and either change ownership and subsequently bland down and serve more boring fare (which is I guess what people want) or they go out of business. I don't want to list anything specifically precisely because it's a small community and people take things pretty seriously when you criticize local standards.

      I'm writing in hopes of hearing some really good news about restaurants in this area. To be fair, there are great sandwich shops and such, but as for restaurant dining, I haven't been lucky and hope for some direction from others who can recommend something without it being an hour away, because the gas and time are considerations.

      Kennebec Cafe
      166 Main St, Fairfield, ME 04937

      1. re: megkrichards

        Have you tried Apollo Bistro, in Waterville? I think it's one of the area's best, and it was just reviewed in the Portland Papers: http://www.pressherald.com/life/fooda...

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          Slates in Hallowell is pretty decent. And the Liberal Cup (also in Hallowell) is pretty good pub fare.

          Liberal Cup
          115 Water St Ste 1, Hallowell, ME 04347

          1. re: megkrichards

            Depends on what you're looking for (and you can search old threads too) but some possibilities to try are:

            Riverfront BBQ (downtown Augusta)
            Cloud Nine @Senator Western Ave, Augusta)
            Liberal Cup (Hallowell)
            Slates (Hallowell)
            Cafe de Bangkok (Thai and sushi, Hallowell)

            second tier...
            Pastaz (Gardiner)
            A-1 Diner (Gardiner)

            A-1 Diner
            3 Bridge St, Gardiner, ME 04345

            Liberal Cup
            115 Water St Ste 1, Hallowell, ME 04347

        2. I've been twice to Sweet Chili Thai right at the Augusta airport and have enjoyed it both times. Odd location, good food. Gets good reviews elsewhere, as well (Yelp, Urbanspoon etc.)

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          1. re: jackbauer

            Not a Mainer (as you can tell!) but i always relish a chance to go to Buon Appetito in Waterville at Railroad Square next to the movie theater. Wonderful salsa and home made tortillas.

          2. http://www.sedgleyplace.com/public/in...

            I have heard good stuff about a Thai Restaurant at the Augusta Airport, LOL.

            Wings HIll Inn in Belgrade, maybe? The Last Unicorn in Waterville?

            Last Unicorn
            8 Silver Ter, Waterville, ME 04901